The War Begins

23 thoughts on “The War Begins

  1. Looks like things are heating up for the Bull Tribe…

    1. You just HAD to go there, didn’t you? 🙂
      Warm regards,

  2. I get the feeling there isn’t going to be a saviour this time…. I mean I want someone like Zonn and the Sun Tribe to save the day (night) but sometimes the bad guys win.

    1. Sometimes.

      Warm regards,

    2. Sometimes there’s a new minor hero. Probably doesn’t save as much of the day, but it’s not a guaranteed win for the bad guys if the headliners don’t make it.

    3. Charon the Fateless

      Only those ascribed to fate believe such a thing! I, however, am more pragmatic! It is my hope that their fated chains are broken and they live!

  3. Panel 4: Oh, come ON!! Now’s NOT the time for cuddles and snuggles, Emperor damn it! Now’s the time for either fight or flight!

    1. I KNEW somebody would object to that, which is why I made a point of saying Yrina is NOT a warrior. She’s a simple Erogenian fisherwoman. She thought she could take one second to see if her child was all right. She was wrong. People make wrong decisions.

      Warm regards,

  4. Four named characters, then. But, who is who, pray tell?

    1. Yrina is the mother, Doli (pronouonced “Doe-lee”) is the child. Rudik is in the bg creating a magick shield so he doesn’t get incinerated, and Kalana is giving the yellow dragon a headache.

  5. Well, as a mom, sometimes, you just have to check that this little thing is ok, you have to take your child in your arms to know, just know your child is ok. The heart is not logical. And I say that as a mom, who feel for Yirina. Jed, it is a very difficult panel, but very realistic. Well done.

  6. “I KNEW somebody would object to that”

    I know. I object a lot, generally speaking. I am like marshall Jodl in the “Der Untergang” parodies.
    From now on, I shall start an objecting tradition.

  7. In the moment that you’re certain will be your last, you perform the only act left that you can to the one you love. Affirm that love.

    1. Yeah. And love is itself an act of courage.

  8. In the year 2101, war was beginning… >.>

  9. That’s mess up. They didn’t deserve to go out like that.
    Still, she took out an Urtt before going down. I don’t know if I would have been as brave. (I definitely could not have kicked like that.)

  10. She didn‘t kick, she stuck a knife in the Urrt’s throat. As Jed said, not a warrior, so I guess instinct kicked in to save her child. I wonder whether her last instinct as a mother will be to shield the child from the fire with her body. In any case, unless someone steps in at the last moment, it‘s a heartbreaking scene.

  11. And that’s why you don’t bring a knife to a firefight.

    I’ll show myself out, thank you.

  12. I object to these two snuffing it!

  13. Wow! That’s quite the scene change! I’m worried we’ll see them all dead, but hoping not. That would be sad.

  14. What’s the glowy thing between her eyebrows?

  15. That, alas, is the reflection of the incoming fiery doom that awaits her and her child. Tragic. War is not hell. Hell is for those who deserve to be there. War makes no such distinction of deserving or not. it takes all. The true Hawkeye, from M*A*S*H. made that point so long ago, but it has stayed with me. Even when in the military and experiencing such first hand. Damn good scene, even if it brings back things one prefers not to recall.

  16. I don’t think so. It looks like she is getting ready to do something to defend herself and her child. Something from within?

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