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  1. It seems that Tula was not *directly* involved in freeing Zona from the Otherwhen, then. That must be good, as it would have placed a strain on sisters, particularly Tula. Now the next question that comes to my mind is whether *this* event was the only place and time when Shuach will try to isolate Mentl from Zona and thus make him more vulnerable. After all, if the counter move was as simple as for Tula and Zona to go to sleep and dream their way to Mentl’s side, then it seems more like an off-hand tactic than a planned major strategy. Shuach has had 3,000 years to wiggle his way free, but perhaps this sort of opportunistic one-off habit is both an unpredictable benefit to him, and a great hindrance in distracting him from a true policy>>>strategy>>>logistics>>>operations>>>tactics>>>battle skills method of gaining his ends. His “Hand” has yet to show a little better methodology, so if the Queen can get time and resources, then things may already be looking up for our side, in spite of the dragons.

  2. Mentl is in shock I think. Question is, to continue on Tom Billings train of thought: will this impact the relationship between Zona and Mentl? Will Shuach try to use this as a tool against them?

  3. My major concern is how long were they in the otherwhen? This entire thing could have just been a delaying tactic, how long have they been away and how long before they get back to where they need to be?

    1. I’m no so sure it was Shuach.

      Remember back here… Jenny Everywhere said “I know it’s (The Book) going to make sure you get where you want to go. Well, really where you’re SUPPOSED to go, which might not be the same thing.”

      So The Book meant for them to be where they landed. Maybe Shuach took advantage of the mirror, but I kind of doubt it.

  4. @Calisto01: and: where is the book?

  5. It’ll probably take some healing and balancing of the cha for Mentl to get fully back on his feet after that trip through the Otherwhen. That was a tough one emotionally.

  6. C’mon Mentl, suck it up. There are no therapists in Erogenia, so you’re gonna have to find a way to gut it out and get over it on your own.

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