Through A GLass Darkly – Page 1017

7 thoughts on “Through A GLass Darkly – Page 1017

  1. Methinks that mentl may have some lingering doubts maybe…
    that said I would like him to get back to roasting bad guys.

  2. Did he create that sparkle in his eye or did he see something?

  3. Speaking as someone who’s had to struggle against his mind over how things ‘really’ are for some decades now, I’m about as sold on the idea of Absolutes (re: Roger Zelazny’s “The Courts of Chaos”) or any other such theory of non-existance as Corwin. All that really seems to be, to me, is giving in to the same impulses that the chemical imbalances in my brain generate for me, and I’m having none of it for as long as I can manage.

    However, if reality really is what you make it, why in Ceiling Cat’s mane would you want to make it anything but the best you could manage?

  4. I think, I hope, that this sparkle in Mentl eyes means he will be ok. Maybe this song will be a way for him to shield him against doubt or other things? I hope…

  5. I think Mentl is experiencing a bit of an Inception moment (or better yet An American Werewolf in London moment – when the protagonist wakes up in the hospital and thinks everything is OK, and then the nurse starts attacking him and he’s still in the nightmare). He’s not sure if he’s finally escaped the mirror or if this is still a mirage of the mirror.

  6. There is of course one more option. (Millions really).
    If the Greek gods were dementional traveler, and it has been implied that the Moon Tribe etc gods were dementional travelers, then what is to say the god of the Torah was any different? In which case this dementional might HAVE been a formless void when it arrived.
    In which case Mentl might BE able to wake up. If the world he is in was simply the creation of a traveler. If he is an equally powerful traveler.
    The real question is, if he wakes up, can he fall asleep again? Because being a dream does NOT actually mean “not real”

  7. “And God created Light, and Behold, there was still nothing, but by God you could see it!”

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