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  1. Oof. Well this was bound to come to a head sooner or later. Best to do it now in relative safety

  2. Sooner or later you have to deal with the pain and sorrow. Best to let it out now while there are no emergencies. Otherwise the grief will eat you up.

    I hope she will accept all that happened wasn’t her fault and find balance in her life again.

  3. Looks like she needs some backrubs, too

    1. Backrubs for everyone! I decree therefore its the law!

      1. And a good law it is, sibling. The only reason it doesn’t get my vote is because you don’t seem to bother with such.

  4. Mourn your losses between the battles, no time for sorrow on the battlefield.

    Calling, Dr. Vito.

  5. Poor little muffin. We always see Tula as cold headed, rational. But this is where we can see how she is affected by everything around her.
    She loves and makes friends with as much passion as Zona, but she is just more discreet, more leveled than her sister.
    I wonder if some of Vito presence might linger there and help her a little bit.
    I hope the Moon will be kind with her.

    1. I generally see Tula as reasonably emotional, too. But then, I have a flattened affect, so I tend to look for emotions guiding actions, not just ruling them.

  6. Cry, dear sister Knowledge. It will purify your heart.

    If you need a hug, you know there’s a sister Belief close. (It will only cost you a few ribs if Mentl is to be believed.) But if she wasn’t there and I was, you could count on me for that too.

  7. time to lay regrets down

  8. There also may be some survivor’s guilt to deal with, the wondering why you’re still alive and a friend, a comrade and/or a loved one didn’t make it and whether you have or are living in a manner that honors their death(s). And Tula’s definitely seen more than enough loss already with little time for decompression and healing.

  9. Oh, wonderfully done, JED. That tear at the end, perfect! As always, your rendering skills never fail to impress.

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