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  TRANSCRIPT Ipola is flying on the back of Hraarch, and seems a bit lost in thought HRRAARCH: <Ipola? … Ipola!> IPOLA: <What - yes?> HRRAARCH: <I said, when will you need to land to make water?> IPOLA: <Oh - I … I’m fine for some time.  Sorry, I was …> HRRAARCH: <Just dreaming about your mate?> IPOLA: <Oh well - he’s not exactly my mate. With humans, sometimes …> HRRAARCH: <Never mind trying to explain it to me again.  I will probably never truly understand. > IPOLA: <I know - you don’t even have a word for it. > HRRAARCH: <Your people seem to complicate things horribly, Ipola. But if you are happy with it, who am I to judge?> IPOLA: <If only it worked that well … so often we’re not really happy with it at all.> HRRAARCH: <Then what’s the point?> IPOLA: <We’ve been trying to figure that out ourselves for a very long time.>  

9 thoughts on “Up In The Air – Page 1139

  1. …a skunk was badgered, the results were strong…

    1. I caught 2 herring, and one smelt.

  2. Not her mate ??? Yes, they’ve been separated for a long time, but not her mate?

    Also, hat bird’s back must be extremely sensitive…

    1. Not her exclusive, will never marry again, mate. I think the bird in question mates for life, and widows/widowers die alone.

    2. Hrraarch’s people’s idea of mating is what Erogenians call Silver or Gold path. One person, forever.

      Ipola and Zonn are not mates. Just people who screw on occasion. They never even walked the Copper path.

      1. Indeed, Prairie Son. They were not even on the Copper Path.
        De jure, that is.

        De facto? I think they could legitimately be described as something quite far on the Silver Path, at least.

  3. Interesting conversation. 🙂 I’m guessing Hrraarch’s people mate for life? And Ipola acknowledge that the Erogenian way isn’t always the best, but they’re trying.

    Looks like Hraarch is either getting ready to land or catch a prey in the last panel; talons are coming down.

  4. We do love to complicate things, indeed.
    But life is complicated.

  5. I love the “who am I to judge” line from Hrraarch. So nice.

    And yeah, human love is sooooo complicated lots of time. In my experience, though, it’s been more than worth it. (Speaking as someone whose experience of love, until I met the woman I’d end up marrying, had more crashes than a Blues Brothers film.)

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