4 1861

Zona whistles shrilly and Stormcloud gallops up. She leaps astride him, bareback, Hauling Mentl behind her. 

ZONA: Come on!

MENTL: Whoa-hoaa!

TULA: (grinning) Well. I guess that settles that …

Near the entrance to the motte, a crowd forms around the giants and Ipola.  Ipola stands in front of them, speaking to the people

IPOLA: This is Liri, and Keltan and Emmon.  They are friends to me, friends to my daughters and before all the world I declare them friends of Erogenia.  Welcome them with open hearts. They have saved not only the lives of my daughters but now mine as well.
4 1861

Welcome To New Friends – Page 1198

4 thoughts on “Welcome To New Friends – Page 1198

  1. Tula looks **SO** much like her mother in Pamel_4, moreso than usual!
    Perhaps she’s starting to “grow into the role” of a ruler?

  2. Guess who’s coming to dinner….

    1. I hope the Moon Valley has enough food for 3 giants!

  3. *chuckle* I love how Keltan is even more shy than Emmon, and is hiding behind Liri.
    Also, once they get the cat, they will be the perfect Flintstone’s family… mum,dad,
    child, dino, cat. 🙂


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