“You knew the job was dangerous …” Page 1123

TRANSCRIPT: MALDIK: Ahh … did you … ? ANINA: You need to ask? Of course. MALDIK: Okay, then. That’s good. ANINA: I look forward to our wedding day, my love. And our wedding night. MALDIK: Right. That’ll be great. Pause MALDIK: Anyway, this was … uh … wonderful. ANINA: Oh, for me as well. MALDIK: So - ah - have to go. Things to do. You know - royal responsibilities, being regent and all. ANINA: I understand. Until next time. MALDIK: Right. ANINA: Chala?! CHALA: Yes, my lady? ANINA: Draw me a bath. I’m going to at least try to feel clean again.

18 thoughts on ““You knew the job was dangerous …” Page 1123

  1. But can she hide her lyin’ eyes?

  2. Gods! a reference to Super Chicken:
    “Well if your afraid you’ll have to overlook it. Besides, you knew the job was Dangerous, when you took it.”

  3. Boy, that’s true love right there, I’ma tellin’ ye.

  4. Poor Malik.
    I don’t care how big a douche you are, it sucks being used.

    1. I felt sorry for her for a short moment on the last page, then I remembered that she did this to herself.

      These two really deserve each other.

  5. no wonder the prince hasn’t grown up. No one gives him the hard facts

    1. then makes him deal with them

      1. Oh Yanora has done so, if https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/intrigue-and-idiocy/page-180/ (and the two previous pages) is any indication.

        Unfortunately, she seems to be too good at giving her sons the hard facts, judging by the way they both react.

        She even admits it at some point: https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/what-family-doesnt-have-its-ups-and-downs/page-372/

        1. No… Yanora claimed she had given him the “hard facts.” Just like how Maldik claimed he had been “brilliant” in his scheming. Yanora is not an impartial judge of her own behavior. In fact, looking at this particular page: https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/what-family-doesnt-have-its-ups-and-downs/page-373/

          …I… honestly rate her maternal abilities as being on par with Mallory Archer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ycmRk_UgsM

          Hell, look at Yanora’s OTHER son. Maldik’s a sullen lout, but at least he didn’t invade another country, start slaughtering everyone, and treat the whole thing like a fox hunting expedition that had to be cut short. Yanora talked about how she never enjoyed killing innocent people… but even her “good” son seems to have picked up the habit from SOMEWHERE… not to mention that, just like Maldik, any good mood he has is instantly erased the moment his mother shows up (with a Mommy Dearest putdown dripping from her lips in lieu of a proper greeting), so methinks Yanora protests a bit too much.

        2. ” Maldik’s a sullen lout, but at least he didn’t invade another country, start slaughtering everyone, and treat the whole thing like a fox hunting expedition that had to be cut short.”

          Sure. He didn’t invade another country. He did way worse. He schemed with the Urtts!
          With the sworn enemies of Kivalia and of all mankind, no less.

          And Gudik did not treat the whole Greymouth expedition like a fox hunt that had to be cut short, as he showed to be well aware that cutting the expedition short to go back to Kivalia wasn’t going to be an easy task.

  6. Am I on the same page as everyone else in thinking that both are lying and know the other is lying too? I see what’s in it for her (fulfilling Macon’s plans, the perks of being queen and all, though I’d say queen to Maldik is actually a downstep from being a lady of the court), but what about him? I guess he’s so pathetic that he clings to her even though he knows there’s nothing real.

    Y’know, I’m beginning to think that at some point, either Maldik will reform or he will get killed as a traitor. But if the latter, I feel the most hideous punishment that could be visited upon him (and her) would be to have them live together in a rather remote and secluded castle, with all furnishings and under strict supervision.

    Still, that will be a very long wedding. Of course, should it last one second it will have already felt like centuries.

    By the way, I find it interesting that while I feel Ipola has been looking younger recently, (wait, what’s her name again? Thanks for the transcripts, JED!) Anina is looking decidedly older. The lighting is not the same, of course.

  7. So Anina is the same lady that Macon presented to Maldik as his future bride? I don’T have the time right now to dive in the archives so, if anyone can find this page back?
    And, I’m also surprise. I thought Kivalian were rather “close” on the sex aspect before wedding… Although to be honest I don’t remember where it could have been said. So, anyone has a reference about that? or did I just imagine it?

    And, yes, I feel sorry for Maldik too.

    1. JED provided the link himself in the comments to the previous page, copine: https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/cool-medieval-stuff-divinity-and-diplomacy/page-528/

      As for sex before wedding in Kivalia, I don’t know that the subject has been explicitly broached. Note that for royalty at least, whatever rules exist are pretty much ignored. Maldik had Dia (that’s the servant girl I was looking for last page) rather openly: https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/what-family-doesnt-have-its-ups-and-downs/page-376/ . Not to mention Tethik also had sex out of wedlock, apparently with a number of people: https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/erogenians-and-extortion/page-222/ .

      Then of course, there’s Yanora’s reputation, who seems to be actually earned. So maybe the Kivalian church wisely makes allowances.

      Maybe it’s just that Kivalia looks a lot like medieval Europe. A popular opinion about that time and place is that the church took a very dim view of sex out of wedlock, and even within. From what I’ve read, the medieval church actually had a rather relaxed stance on sex, and only started frowning strongly on it around the nineteenth century.

      1. thanks for the link! I don’t know why but I have trouble seeing comments at this moment. So I’m just glad to be able to see your answer.
        As for the medieval church, if I remember correctly, you’re right about the church being “relax” on the sex out of wedlock during a big part of the Middle age. they had to contend with the “pagan/old religions” and they had to accept some things like habits and even old gods into the fray in order to be accepted.
        You know that is one very interesting discussion… And this is one of the many reason why I love this comic, when I come I always learn something or find very interesting people to discuss with. I just need to have a better background in medieval lore!

  8. I’m just going to say this much.

    Maldik doesn’t need a lover. He doesn’t need a mother. Maldik needs a friend.

    That’s… that’s really it. He needs a friend. Someone who will do what no one, not his mother, not his advisers, not that priest, not his fiance, have ever done. He needs someone who gives a crap about HIM, instead of treating him as something to be used, manipulated, insulted, and/or attacked.

  9. Maldik knows his fantasies of Tula will never come true, yet I think he’s afraid of letting go of them. So he settles for what he can get and that’s Anina. Of course, he’s all but been ordered to marry her; she just tries to sugarcoat it and make sure he doesn’t change his mind before the wedding. She wants to be Queen. (And to be Queen Gudik has to die first).

  10. Dun even remember who this is. Just figured she was another warm hole sent to wet his willie.

    1. She’s the niece of the churchman who is strong arming Maldik.

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