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  PONTAGAR: I’m the champion of the Fire Tribe – I’m no one man’s hired sword, peasant or king – and I’m never the champion of a traitor.  And more – I am a champion of Erogenia. In the time I’ve spent fighting our real enemies with other champions of Erogenia I’ve learned what that can mean.  Of all people, Princess Zona made me feel a pride I’ve not had … ever.  I’ve learned the real value of honor and loyalty, Father.  I wish you’d been the one to teach me that. I’m sorry that you ever taught me otherwise. Now  – defend yourself.    ARROGOND: Pontagar, you’re just upset. Heh – Zona?  The Moon Tribe is going to drag us down to ruin if we let them!  But – this is all a lot to take in at once I understand.  Put the weapon down.  I will forgive you –    PONTAGAR: Forgive – ME?   YOU will forgive ME?  Gods above and below!  I spilled my blood to defend all of humankind. Oh – you think that’s funny?! I tell you I fought with the best – the BEST –  women and men, Erogenians, half-urtt and yes, a fine Kivalian as well.  We lost so many, Father, scores of my brothers and sisters dead, butchered and defiled by Urtts! For this?  For your dreams of an Erogenia of slavery, filth and craven worship of evil!!     ARROGOND: I have been there, too, Pontagar! Don’t you dare lecture me about war! This is bigger than that! You don’t understand! We could lose everything!   PONTAGAR: I’m not the one who doesn’t understand, Father!  You don’t understand what we’re really defending, what we could really lose. It’s not just bare existence. It’s Erogenia. The Erogenia we’ve fought three thousand years to make. I didn’t get it before, but I do now.  And I would rather die than live in the world you want us to go back to.    ARROGOND: So be it, then.  I brought you into this world, by God if I have to I will take you out of it!
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There Will Be Blood Tonight – Page 1226

29 thoughts on “There Will Be Blood Tonight – Page 1226

  1. I can’t help but notice that while Pontigar swears by gods above and below, presumably moon and earth, Arrogand swears by a singular deity. It seems that the man has already converted. I wonder if he still holds honesty sacred?

    1. And I notice that in the last pannel his father says “by God” singular. Shuach insists that he is the only God, I wonder how long Arrogond has been worshipping him

      1. I would guess it’s been long enough to have at least started to mold Pontigar into the ass we’ve previously witnessed. Fortunately, Pontigar’s been out and about enough to learn more about the world and how things work. Doing things the way of the moon goddess, one makes friends and builds relationships. Doing things the way of Shauch, one makes enemies and builds hatred.

        One of those helps you when you need it. The other? Not so much.

        1. Interesting point, while I think the term ‘toxic masculinity’ gets used way too frequently, it is the only way to describe the Fire Tribe. Maybe they weren’t always jerks? Or maybe the Fire Tribe elders have been secretly worshipping Shauch and the old ways the entire time?

  2. @Ganurath
    I think that, by now, Arrogand holds nothing sacred regarding anyone and anything not on his side.

    Now, if Pontagar could just do a good and quick jab forward with his sword, this would be over.
    Come on, Pontagar! Do it!

    1. Ah good, I am not the only one who noticed, how shortly? away he is from a quick jab.
      Is shortly the right word for that distance? EN is not my mothertongue, but it does not sound quite right.
      Alas, it would still be regicide and patricide in one and I am not sure Pontagar would deal with he phychological aftermath of it, as he has changed to (from our point of view) the better.

  3. “Let the Gods decide” – Manowar.
    Let’s hear this song for this scene!

  4. No, don’t let the gods decide. It’s time for these two men to back up their own decisions, and may the Right provide the Might.

    1. @SanBernInAtlanta

      Aw, come on, man. I like this tune. And its lyrics are quite fitting too.

      1. 😂 the tune rocks! 🤘 Just acknowledging that this particular issue isn’t between the gods at this point, but two merely mortal men who have grown in opposite directions, each without the other realizing it until too late.

  5. Those are some exceedingly long and broad swords. I do not see how anyone could possibly lift one,, especially one handed. Steel is far too heavy at that size. Perhaps they are some exotic metal, such as Titanium?

  6. I am going to miss Pontagar after all.

  7. Oh, dear, Arrogand just tried to gaslight Pontagar. He’s the biggest arsehole of all arseholes.
    I’m firmly rooting for Pontagar to beat his arse; he’s in tip top shape after months of fighting urrts, so as long as Arrogand doesn’t have any nasty tricks up his sleeve he should do okay.

  8. Be an interesting fight. Pontagar is in his prime, been on the March staying fit and has recently been in the shit with a lot of battle experience. Arrogand must be on the downside of his prime, been in garrison on his throne and probably hasn’t raised his sword in a real fight for years. But, considering the side he’s chosen, he’s going to cheat and fight dirty without honor.

  9. What Pontagar needs more than he knows is a WITNESS to his father’s insanity. A witness to what the king has been saying would change the possibilities. I see Pontagar losing this fight and his father lying to put a good face on things.

    1. True that, Calisto. I hope that either Pontagar wins or that there is, unbeknownst to him, a witness willing to testify for him.

  10. @Burgeri
    Now, now. This fight hasn’t even started yet. 😛

  11. Width of those swords is ridiculous

  12. I think you could lift those swords one handed, but when it comes to fighting even an Erogenian is probably going to be using both hands… unless it is Zona

    1. It’s not about the arms. It’s about the wrists. Those are beefy swords. And ALL that weight is dragging through your wrists long before it gets to your biceps. Considering how big those are, it wouldn’t surprise me if they weigh as much or more then a sledgehammer, which are usually tween 8-10 pounds. (even ‘greatswords’ don’t weigh that much) Good luck one handing those. They rip your wrist off when you try to use them that way. Source: 30+ years in construction. Never mind that when you have a hilt that long it’s cause it’s meant to be used two handed.

  13. The swinging of swords hasn’t started yet but the fight is well on the way…

  14. @Shyster
    Hmm… true, true. Besides Zona and her old man Zonn, that is. 😛

  15. @reservist
    It is a safe bet that Zonn could one hand those bad boys too (the swords not the Fire Tribe!). But I always wonder is Zonn and Zona’s strength is magical or natural in origin? My bet is magical.

  16. @Calisto01

    Hmm… that witness could be the young Fire tribesman Pontagar spent the night with, after all.
    Remember he only just left and might have stuck around unbeknownst to Arrogand and his son, or tip-toed his way within hearing range after hearing the king raising his voice.

  17. True. The length of the hilt gives it away as two handed sword, but so does the sheer size of it.
    But they are just posturing right now, not yet fighting.

  18. @Shyster
    “It is a safe bet that Zonn could one hand those bad boys too (the swords not the Fire Tribe!)”

  19. I worry that other problems will come of this that there’s no other witnesses to this Champion’s judgement being meted out.

  20. @DanekJovax
    Maybe Lentik, the young Fire tribesman Pontagar spent his night with, could be such a witness.
    And I do hope so.

  21. I see that their Swarzt’s are the same size.
    Really folks? Three weeks and NO ONE mentions this?

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