We’re On The Road!

We are moving from California to Connecticut, and we’re driving with the dogs and cat and so for the next couple of weeks the updates are going to be sporadic, and communication with you all might drop out. Never fear, we will return as surely as the sun rises and sets on our VW camper van. Still, I might have a little surprise for you Thursday or Friday. Stay tuned!
Warmest regards,

5 thoughts on “We’re On The Road!

  1. I hope you have arrived safely at your destination! (If I read it right you should be at your destination now). 🙂
    Best of luck getting settled in.

  2. That horse is freaking huge! :-O

  3. You’re going the wrong way!

  4. Good choice to leave California. Not so sure Connecticut is a great choice for relocation. Another high tax state. It is beautiful though.

  5. My God… this horse is like a double-sized Clydesdale! :-O

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