4 thoughts on “Zona Animation: Morning Exercises

  1. This is a great step forward! I’m impressed and looking forward to more, as time permits.
    Two small things though, with her mouth open as that and the corners of her mouth turned down it looks like she is angry, however the open eyes look more like surprise. It’s a bit strange.

  2. Very nice update. 🙂
    As a martial artist I will say she tends to have a very wide leg stance, which is a bit odd (especially for jumping), and some movements seems a bit too slow, but overall I like it. Animations certainly aren’t easy so it’s nice to see the improvements that have happened.

  3. I finally realized why she looks naked to me. She’s not wearing a torc!

    1. Omg, you are right! Zona needs her torc!

      I think I also realized what it is that looks ‘wrong’ (well, doll-like) for me; it’s the high placement of the eyebrows. They have a Barbie doll placement. Slightly lower and flatter eyebrows would give her a more natural look. 🙂

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