Zona Animation: Morning Exercises V2

In this, the final version we’re doing of this proof-of-concept video, Brian put in more fancy stuff and fixes and attention to wonderful details.  Now we dive into production of the actual product, beginning a trailer for the series itself with all the new elements and knowledge we have put together so far.    

Rubbing my hands with glee.   

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2 thoughts on “Zona Animation: Morning Exercises V2

  1. Daaaaammmn

  2. One thing I’d suggest with the animations is to work on the head movement. Right now, the neck is very stiff during all the big action and motions, where normally, the head tries to stabilize itself upright and forward towards the target. Even if it doesn’t fully ‘lock’ to the target, it’ll still shift to ‘try’.

    One way you could do this is by blending between World and Local targeting for your Head control (You do have the ability to lock to world or ‘body’ in your rig, don’t you?) to allow her head and face to face towards her focus without getting ‘chicken stabilization’.

    And of course, the hair appears to be in about half gravity or underwater. It looks great in the slow-motion shots, but you’ll probably want to increase the gravity effecting it during the realtime portions.

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