Zona in Unreal Engine 5

Soooo – I know the comic is a bit late, but I have not been idle. Nor has Brian. We are now really, truly and officially out of preproduction. The hernia was to transition all the assets, including out titular heroine, into Unreal Engine 5. It was a seemingly Sisyphean task, involving lots or frustration, hard hard work for my dauntless perfectionist animator and some creative innovations to solve the problems that they can absolutely take complete credit for solving.

We are now in production and animating scenes for the final trailer in UE5. Well, why did we go to UE5 in the first place? If you look at this picture, maybe you’ll understand. It’s representative of what you will be seeing on screen, and this is just one frame. UE will show you 60-120 fps of THIS in real time.

I’m extremely pleased. This is much much more than I thought I wanted. She’s going to live, breathe and act out the story in the world we’ve created.

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2 thoughts on “Zona in Unreal Engine 5

  1. Wow. Well done!

  2. Considering how much perfection of detail YOU put into every panel of the regular webcomic, making sure hands aren’t stuck in that plastic-model-spread-flat pose others rarely ever change… I can completely understand going with UE5.

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