A Good Sound – Page 1287

9 thoughts on “A Good Sound – Page 1287

  1. That’s a big sound. Bigly big. Some might even call it gigantic…

  2. 4th panel: “Oh! So it’s… one of **those**.”

    I have my idea, but I still wonder what good king Tor means here. 🙂

  3. Nice barding.
    Not exactly on the same level as a cataphract, but then, I wouldn’t have expected the Erogenians to employ them.

    Let’s defend all this room!
    And we can do it all night
    So we can win every fight!”

  5. Haha! Didn’t recognize Tula at first with the gear on. 😉 And while the horns may look cool they do not protect the head, quite the opposite as they will prevent a blow to the head from gliding off the helmet to the sides. So the gals must simply avoid any overhand blows to the head. (Probably a good idea anyway).

    I wonder if this will be Keltan or Keltan and Liri. I’m guessing Liri is staying back for this battle to continue studying.

    1. Sister, I think our beloved author has already addressed any concerns of practicality over cool-lookingness last page. (I’m not a big fan of horned helmets myself as I feel they look a bit to demonic, but I agree that they add to the intimidation.)

    2. (Wait, I called you ‘sister’, but now I’m not so sure you identified yourself as such explicitly. My apologies if I that was inappropriate.)

  6. Keltan, Liri! Now is not the time to be clapping cheeks that hard!

  7. I love King Tor’s thoughts regarding his death to come and his youth gone. Character growth gets me every time.

    Also, Zona’s face in panel 4 is awesome.

    (And *of course* Tula can see the chainmail. Which indicates the ability to work magic seems to go with that to perceive it, or that at least both can be studied.)

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