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  1. I love the way Keltan is casually holding him mace – that probably weighs as much Zona’s horse.

    1. Now that you mention it, I realize I never noticed before that Keltan is left-handed.

  2. No coiffe under these helmets? Damn.

  3. “So… do you have any more unusual friends I should know about?” lol

    1. @Phoebe
      I wonder how our good king Tor of the Bull Clan would react upon learning of Vito and Kevin/Hercules, and all of Vito’s magician friends. 😛

  4. And suddenly the king of the Bull Tribe realizes he’s king of the Corgi Tribe.

    1. That would actually be a logical progression, given that corgis were originally bred to herd large livestock.

  5. Tor: minimal ‘helmet’ that offers no actual protection.
    Keltan: full-cover helmet that offers actual protection.
    Of all of them Keltan is the most sensible dressed person.

  6. True that, Lora. True that.

  7. Keep in mind, there is a tradeoff. For all the extra protection, that helmet would seriously restrict one’s peripheral vision.

    1. Indeed, sibling. I think I’d go with a minimal helmet, seeing as how I often go bare-headed under the rain rather than wearing a vision field reducing hood. (But then, I’m now too old to be drafted in a non-desperate army, and probably would suck in a fight — hopefully we’ll never know.)

  8. Typo in the last panel. “This it going to be”

    1. I feex.



  9. I mean, he did sort-of meet Vito the last night (and frankly, as weird as Vito would look to him, “meeting” him while speaking through Tula is at least equally weird – especially with his not-exactly-gentlemanly behaviour and all being in complete contrast to Tula’s!) 😀
    Add to this that he is not exactly the most open-minded Erogenian of them all, and at this rate he will be glad to see the Urtts, at least he is familiar with those! lol

  10. Interesting choice of title when going up against what I’ve always thought were Teria’s equivalent to orcs… But then, as they say in the Shire, greenskin is as greenskin does.

    Also: Keltan rocks, Zona hugging his arm in the last panel is totally cute, and panel 4 is this close to make me wish I was a stone pendant… (Maybe in the next life, though.)

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