A little history lesson …

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  1. I’m glad not all the Ur- are evil!

  2. “We create ourselves each day”

    And so it should be for all who think.

    The Nassim sound like they have been even a bit more successful in their recovery from the dominion of Shuach than the Erogenians themselves. Of interest will be the adaptations they have made in each day’s new creation of themselves. The “Makers” were not kind in how they warped their slaves into obedience, and the ongoing adaptations that keep the Nassim ahead of the old “shaping” will be of interest, though I do not know how that might be worked into the general storyline.

    1. Amen to that, brother.

  3. I’m having difficulty reading both lines of text in the picture. Would you care to share the quote?

    1. There’s the copyright, and a quote from John Ruskin: “A distinguishing sign of slavery is to have a price and to be bought for it.”

      Warm regards,


      1. No, there’s more on the line above the (visible part of) the Ruskin quote. I can make out “shackles of slavery can even” and “than the quest”, and I think an “n” that makes that last work likely to be “question”. Could be a preface to the visible quote, could be a separate quote. I haven’t found the context the visible quote is taken from yet.

        1. Ah – there you go. Yes, I have no idea. I think that was a cut-and-paste typo based on another quote that I must have accidentally grabbed at the same time. It’s a mistake I didn’t catch, so – go you! You get what Stan Lee used to call a “no-prize.” 🙂

          Warm regards,


        2. Heh, I hadn’t noticed that. But I guess you’ll be editing it later to remove it. 😉

        3. SeanR spotted it first; I was just looking for what he found. He gets the No-Prize. And yes, I’m old enough to remember them.

        4. I suppose based on what is visible and a quick phrase search, the unintentional quote was:
          “I refuse to accept that the shackles of slavery can ever be stronger than the quest for freedom”

        5. Seems an appropriate quote for the page.

  4. Not far off in my guess…

  5. Ooooo, world building lore!

  6. Yeah! History lesson! 😀 I love these little segments that build upon this world and its history.

  7. About the second quote: Google tells me there’s a quote that goes “I refuse to accept that the shackles of slavery can ever be stronger than the quest for freedom”

  8. Coooooooooool!

  9. OOOO….who are the ‘teal’ people? And the ‘brown female’? From the last image, I wonder if they live in the Sun Tribe area?

    I am surprised to see there is more in common physically between the Urtts and the Urr-nassim. I thought I saw more difference in the last page, but seeing them in the same panel, I see the difference in body build is less obvious – a slightly leaner form. Much of the variation is the stripes, but also the scale size and placement. I see a larger scale pattern on the chest and I think on the face.

    1. Eh, the Ancients just found one form that was plastic enough to work with, and stuck with it. Like us and dogs.

    2. I also notice that the ‘teals’ and the Nassim wear collars of some form in the first panel, with the brown lady, the Urtt and the Ogre do not. Interesting, as you would think the more muscular forms would be more capable of physically rebelling. And I do not remember the slaves of the Urtts having collars either? Are they some sort of symbols of ‘rank’ among slaves, as opposed to control? He does say they were more privileged, And it looks like the ‘teals’ are possibly artists or craftsmen maybe? Based solely on the musical instrument, but that might also leave them more privileged?

      1. Off the top of my head, somehow it looks like an owner’s tag. The ogre and the urtt may well rarely be away from their master’s army or workforce; neither may the sitting lady be often far from the master’s chambers, but a bard or a scholar might travel, or be sold away, and thus require a way to show everyone (not to mention them) that they belong to someone else.

        Echhh, I dislike giving that kind of explanation. My mind feels dirty now.

  10. I finally caught up, I miss the HOT STUFF, we all do (Especially Tom with the Ogres ladies) but 1044 pages later I am finally current.

  11. I just noticed by looking for something else: when we first saw our Lovable Trio fight an ogre ( https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/but-i-came-back-again/page-273/ ), Zona identified it as an “urr-natikh”. Now Uissan spells their name “urr-natick”. Interesting difference, though quite minor of course.

    Is it caused by linguistic drift, as happens everywhere? Or is Zona just not all that literate on the spelling of evil races’s names? (I mean no disrespect ever to Our Lady of the Mighty Heart, but I seem to remember spelling is one of the skills she is not known for.)

    1. It’s probably a pronunciation issue. A KH and a CK are close, but there’s a difference.

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