And now you’re up to date …

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  1. Jeeves gets around, doesn’t he?

    1. I have only ever read one Jeeves book and that’s “Thank You, Jeeves”, in which the narrator quickly skips how things were arranged as Jeeves had planned and explains that he gives no details because Jeeves is so skilled a tactician that hearing him plan the feat is enough to consider it done. I’ve been searching the Web for the quote (for the book I own is in my native French), to little avail. If anyone has it, I’ll be grateful.

      So anyway, I guess if Jeeves want to move to Teria, he only has to plan a little.

  2. Wasn’t he the guy in Mentl dream/mirror world? the guy who greet Zona and Tula in Mentl’s imaginary home?

    1. Yup! Implications to be shown, or not, in future episodes.

  3. Love the expression on Tula’s face in the last panel.

  4. Go ahead. Hang a lampshade on it.

    1. It is such a well-made lampshade, it would be a shame to not get a bit more use out of it.

      Besides, the Otherwhen does have a bit of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimeiness about it.

      1. But before a lampshade can provide shade, one must first turn on the light.
        Enlighten us, dear JED, upon this correlation betwixt reality & dream.

  5. I love how his torc position kind of evokes a bowtie, too….

    1. Brilliant catch, had not noticed that!

  6. Jeevik, Jeeves. Potato, potato. 😛

    I like Uissan’s comment about 3000 years being enough time to start over and build a new relationship with the Erogenians. Sadly, the Urtts are not of the same opinion. (And neither are most Erogenians).

    1. I’m not entirely sure the Urtts and Erogenians have remained set on their relationship. Urtts, on the one hand, are driven by Gorshash to enslave or kill Kivalians as well as Erogenians; one may surmise that any other ethnic groups are targets too – Erogenians, Kivalians, Mahd and Feeby, whatever it takes to rule the world.

      As for Erogenians, well, their attitude towards Urtts can very well be explained by the threat they pose as described above. Remember that Ipola and Kendrik offered truce to them (the terms thereof told by Ipola in ), likely because their reserves were depleted, but also because they did not need to destroy every single Urtt in existence.

      Starting over is the best thing you can do if the other side is willing to. Otherwise that’s just bad politics. (Good christian attitude, though, granted.)

      1. I’d say driven by Suach* via Gorshash; I doubt Gnarly G would’ve accomplished all that much on his own without guidence. I don’t see a great chance of the Urtts, bred to be warlike to begin with**, becoming peaceful when ol’ Flame-top is intent on using them to do the Pinky and the Brain thing. On the same note, I imagine Suach deems the Nassim useless for his ends.

        *Ceiling Cat as my witness, I can’t recall how to spell that.

        **Of course, I’m not sure if jeDraft is taking a leaf from Papa Tolkien with the Urtts or, if so, how much. That is, do the Urtts actually have some of Suach’s essence and will in them as Melkor/Morgoth’s was put in the orcs (which is why neither they nor Men bread with them are redeemable unless Melkor himself is redeemed; in a real sense, they are he), or the Erogeneans merely used the skills big S had taught them to magically engineer the Urtts so that it will take crossing them with less warlike beings to ‘tame’ them. The half(?) breed (I’m not sure if they’re half, quarter, or what) members of the Snake Tribe point to the latter, I think.

        1. You are entirely right of course about Gorshash, brother. As Rogue is my witness, I wrote Gorshash but meant to write Shuach. (I realized that when thinking, “What does he mean he can’t spell it? I wrote that name right above — hey wait a minute”.)

          As for your ponderings on whether the Urtts have some of Shuach’s essence within them and if so, how unredeemable that makes them, I would be inclined to refute it because of what we know about their origins.

          Since the ancient Erogenians who made them also worshipped ol’ matchstick-hairdo, I fail to see how they could put some of his essence into their slaves without either taking some of it within themselves or offending their God. (“You presume to put my essence in your slaves? You think yourselves better than that, is that sooooo?”) And since Ipola is one way or another descended from Ir-Anis’s people, it seems certain that contemporary Erogenians are redeemed compared to those of old. So either Shuach’s essence does not make an ethnic group irredeemable, or neither Urtts nor Erogenians have it.

          (By my reckoning, of course. Our beloved storyteller has proved time and again to have thought several moves ahead of us, so I might well be wrong for a reason I cannot see.)

          Which is, of course, another reason to agree with your point about the Snake tribe. (Whose lineage, unless I be mistaken, varies from an individual to another.)

  7. At first, when I was making the scene I thought – “Well, we’ll just put a couple of cute serving gals in there for eye candy.” And then I checked myself and thought “why would they have to be serving *women?* Just because it’s a fantasy trope? That’s kind of sexist.” And then I looked and saw this perfectly good Jeeves model I had, and the old Groo “light bulb” went off.

    And now it’s canon, and a whole bunch of other little dominoes fell into place in my tiny little storytelling mind. This will be fun.

    Warm regards,


    1. Yeah, don’t you just love it when story elements just fall into place and fit seamlessly and effortlessly with each other?

      I don’t know what you have in mind about this, but I know one thing by now: this was going to be awfully good, now it will be even better.

    2. Groo? GROO?

      Will there be Cheese Dip?

      1. I meant “Gru” – but of course it would also fit in Sergio Aragones’ hilarious barbarian saga as well.

        – JED

    3. To quote Hannibal: I love it when a plan comes together. Or in this case, a story. 🙂 Story telling is fun.

  8. Years later, while rereading in the middle of the night, I finally get the joke in the last panel!

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