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  1. Aaaaaaah. Yes. this is my Zona. Because we know she didn’t act that impulsively in the past, I think we were all surprised. But I’m glad to see she is back to herself.
    And I looooooooooooove Tula doing her Tula things.
    And Mentl, still waiting to see where it’s going.
    So, Uissan, what are you? And what is a Urr-nasim? A poeple created to fight the Urtt?

    1. I’m guessing that the ancient Erogenians created multiple distinct types of humanoid slaves with different specialisms and attributes, but I’m sure we’ll find out the truth later. However, the specimen of the Urr-nasim we see here doesn’t look like he’s made for fighting or hard labour; perhaps they were household servants, intermediaries, or artisans instead; who knows, really.

    2. (Besides the author, obviously; but my current head canon has Urrt brute labour managed by Urr-nasim administrators and kept in line by Ogre enforcers; all ruled over by magic-using Erogenians. In said head canon, the urrts would have been no friends of the urr-nasim after it all fell apart.)

  2. I must sympathize with Tula here. As early as the age of 6 I had parents and other adults looking sideways at me when I snickered at a joke they had thought they should have been safe telling in front of me, all because I read books. I can only wish they had been as tolerant of that as Tula’s were. I suppose that being a Queen’s daughter made it harder for children in the school she attended in Kivalia to mistreat her over it. In my schools a girl as well endowed as she, who was also as smart as she is, was too often socially isolated in retaliation by other girls. Relations with teenage boys could end up too often like hers with Maldik.

    Reading changes the way the brain is organized, as well as adding bits of knowledge, …but the bits are important too.

    1. It does depend somewhat on the content of the books read, though.

  3. Yes, one can see the difference if you take the time. For one thing – not as green, much less ‘stocky’. Still muscular but more lanky and a different head profile. I am interested in hearing if the stripes are an actual skin coloration or tattoos. They look like a natural coloration.

    Something about Uissan looks more lizard than snake. Even though Urtts really don’t look snakish either.

  4. Gabriel Van Helsing: “Warlocks, vampires, they’re all the same thing.
    Friar Carl: “No, no…A vampire is completely different from a warlock.”
    GVH: “You’ve never left the monastary so how can you know that?”
    FC: “I read.”

    It’s pretty much the same thing when someone asks how I could possibly know (whatever).

  5. Ah hahaha. Maybe Zona should pick a page out of Tula’s book and start reading herself. 😉 Tula is setting herself up to be a wise future Queen.
    But it must be a bit frustrating for Zona to have a know-it-all for a little sister at times.

    1. Also; Zonn’s smirk in the last panel. Heh.

      1. He likely recalls a conversation similar to Zona and Tula’s that he had with Ipola.

    2. A know-it-all? Well, while Zona is not stupid at all, Tula is the brainy one.
      It’s not like she really wanted to pour salt on Zona’s wounds, right?

  6. What’s the matter, Zona? She just asked Uissan for some confirmation, and this he did provide.
    Feeling dwarved? Well, starting reading a bit, then. :-3

    1. To be fair, as you said earlier, Zona is not stupid but I think, asking Zona to read would be the same thing as asking Tula to catch an arrow flying: not her gift.

      1. Hmm… fair enough.

  7. Snake tribe. Definitely snake tribe.

    1. The Snake Tribe are a modern creation, of Ipola’s, IIRC. The Urr-nassim are an old creation of the ancient Erogenian “Makers”, alongside, but not of, the Urrtanach, as the “Hand of Shuach” named them, those being today’s Urrts.

      1. Isn’t it possible that the Urr-nassim are the stock that the ancient Erogenians used to make the Urrts?… Say sort of like Morgoth used and ruined captured elves to make orcs in the Lord of the Rings.

  8. “Can I help it if I read books?”

    Well, technically, Tula, you’re the ONLY one who has any control over this. 😉

    1. There might be one or the other declining to borrow a book or taking it away. However the latter one would have likely ended with two right fists in the face.
      Tula: That’s for not letting me have the book
      Zona: That’s for annoying my sister

    2. Why would she control this, anyway?
      She likes it and brainies like-minded to Tula are great. :-3

  9. AH, I was hoping Zona wouldn’t continue making an ass out of herself when it was pointed out that she was attacking a guest. Impulsive as she can be though, I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had.

  10. Ah.. Sisters. but that was a good exchange. “Do you *always* have to do that?”

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