A Midnight Snack – Page 1300

5 thoughts on “A Midnight Snack – Page 1300

  1. Mmm, a lovely Urrt snack for the big lady. 😉

  2. ooh, I love the intertextual reference to The Hobbit there!

    Urtt’s not always described as a “snack” – and in which case I wonder if Mentl can call this kind of event up with a song “She’ll be there in thirty, ‘cos the [gontharg] is gettin’ thirsty”… 😉

  3. Darvik, Fiz, and Liri make for a really interesting team!

  4. “The Turkeys strike back”

  5. Looks one Hell of a lot like a T-Rex. Don’t recall any T-Rex’s in the Hobbit. Why does the system try to verify a secure connection when I submit a comment lately? It never did that before.

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