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Distractions: Paqe 1301

15 thoughts on “Distractions: Paqe 1301

  1. Distractions? I wouldn’t be distracted at all. I would know EXACTLY where I was looking.

  2. There will always be some bumps in the road on the way to victory.

  3. Well, I’m sure this trip won’t be a *total* bust.

  4. Well, it *is* a very nice … top. Yes, top.
    But I guess this does answer the question of where they are going; they will clearly be dealing with the dragons before the battle tomorrow.

  5. The best way I know of to be dealing with dragons is to know a little dancing, a little fencing, how to neaten up, and how to bake cherries jubilee.

  6. Liri has come a long way in her self-confidence, dealing with Erogenian royalty…

  7. One Hell of a view, in any case. Considering her looks, I am surprised that Liri was a virgin when she met Keltan. After all, Zona once told Mentl that she had done Keltan a “favor”. I’m at a loss as to why some Erogenian male never offered to do so for her. She could not possibly have gone unnoticed. I also agree that she has come a long way and gained confidence. Very cool!

    1. @Joe, what Raven said, plus she was religious & one of the precepts(?) was to save yourself for marriage — When they were getting married she had the priest absolve some of her ‘sins’ and that was one of her hang-ups.
      So, even if they did offer, not sure she’d take it, since it’d just be a fling.

  8. Inquisitive Raven

    Well, the giants all seem to be of Kivalian birth so she may simply not have been anywhere where she’d run into an Erogenian before Mentl and company found her.

  9. I guess that’s another definition of “giant boobs”.

  10. I’m sure both men are trying not to think “DIVE DIVE DIVE” but it’s fun to look at. I married a petite lady that was hefty on top, it is VERY distracting… Not to mention finding clothes to fit a 34 in chest with a D-cup! Luckily I was a body-builder back then so I had an idea where to look for odd sizes. For Liri it’s more like “who has cloth that big?” before they moved most of both their clothes had to be patch work from large tents! Or grizzly bears…

  11. Just so you know, your RSS feed is broken. It shows a bunch of stuff about Unreal Engine and PDF Archives, but not the comics, which is what I think most people want notifications about. Is there any way that could be fixed?

  12. We are working on a facelift for the site right now. It should be fixed soonish. 🙂


  13. Hello JED, thank you for the wonderful comic that I’ve just discovered a few weeks ago via TVTropes (and been binge-viewing ever since). Keep up the magnificient work, and we hope everything is alright on your side, what with the few weeks that had passed without updates.
    The story almost feels like a musical at times, with all the different songs being featured at different times. Made me discover quite a few new things for myself (I’m more of a heavy metal fan, but I can hardly see Mentl using something like Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden tunes, haha).
    P.S. Was about to complain about the Random button being broking, but lo, it is not anymore. 🙂
    Best wishes,

  14. It’s “broken” of course in the previous comment; I was in such a hurry to post that I wasn’t really looking at what I was typing, lol.
    Really interested where this subplot is going to get them… 🙂

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