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So Confusing – Page 1242

14 thoughts on “So Confusing – Page 1242

  1. Cirina, …. Never believe an enemy has *only* a single weapon!
    Even if he *is* that stupid, its a bad habit to get into!

    1. If the enemy is an able-bodied human of at least average mind, they have at least five weapons at all times. This guy has at least six.

      That said, it looks like Cirina is taking care of at least three of his weapons. Unfortunately, in this particular contest, anything less than a perfect score may yield a failing grade. Also, as Phoebe mentions below, even a perfect score against one perp may result in failure if there are more perps than one has accounted for.

  2. I actually feel really bad for Pontagar now, something I would have thought impossible after the first time we met him. I am glad Cirina is on the ball.

  3. That poor cloth. After doing something so honorable as cleaning a Warriors sword, now it must be shoved into a dogfucker’s mouth. Give it back to the sword do it may die honorably.

  4. Gotta Love that Cirina. Kind of a smaller version of Zona! No shit taken, no quarter asked!

  5. Ahahahahah, VERY good girl indeed! But I’m afraid this isn’t going to end well, don’t think those two were the only enemies in this particular tribe…

    1. Even if Naurik was the only Shauch follower, he’s probably ensorcelled enough of the Fire Tribe that they’re not out of the woods yet.

      I’m not going to predict the end, though. There’s too many ways things could go down. But I will predict “interesting”.

  6. I see Cirina is making use of the female emotion ‘Anger at a man telling her what to think and feel’, which is felt frequently by women. XD Seems effective in dealing with Naurik.
    But yeah, better get some guards (and magick) on Naurik. I wouldn’t count on the gag and sandal ties holding him forever.

  7. Pontagar trusted him she hates his guts (clearly with good reason) so yeah bad call there buddy I’m sure Pontagar will have a new place to sheath his sword once he shakes off the enchantment but now he’ll know why his father was acting that way.

  8. Batting eyelashes and bountiful curves didn’t stir his interest, but when he sees the girl delivering a good beatdown…

  9. Better knock that shit speaker out. if the good guys have taught me anything, he doesn’t need to vocalize his words for them to have an effect.

  10. @Just_IDD
    Aye. And blindfold him too.

  11. Now I have a strong desire to know what a “gontharg” is. Must be pretty disgusting.

  12. @Some Ed: Are you talking about hands, feet and teeth/tongue? Apparently she has taken care of all five. Or are there other weapons that I’m missing? (Headbutt is always a possibility, of course, but with wrists and ankles tied I don’t think one can summon a lot of power in it.)

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