ARROGOND: That’s my son.  Go rest.  We’ll wake you when the sun sets.   Pontagar exits.      VOICE OFFSCREEN: So – can you trust him?   ARROGOND: Of course.  He’s my son.   VOICE OFFSCREEN: Can we trust him?   ARROGOND: I  … of course!  He’ll do what is necessary.     VOICE OFFSCREEN: Whatever is necessary?   ARROGOND: Whatever I ask of him.  He will do it.    VOICE OFFSCREEN: He had better, your Majesty. 

A Wise Father – Page 1193

6 thoughts on “A Wise Father – Page 1193

  1. Well, that answers the readers’ question of whether Arrogond is actually up to something, or just acting sketchy for no particular reason.

    However, I strongly suspect he’s not quite correct about how loyal his son is to him personally, as opposed to Erogenia as a whole. Maybe before this war started he was correct, but Pontagar has been spending quite a lot of time fighting side by side with members of all the clans.

  2. Well… the suspicion of treason by Arrogand seems more and more likely, almost outright confirmed, at this point.

    :-S I knew this chimney crest could mean nothing good.

    1. Treason seems more and more likely.
      I just wonder how far “his Majesty” has fallen. How good is the Urrts magic on the lines of shapeshifting?

      1. “How good is the Urrts magic on the lines of shapeshifting?”
        I know not. But it is probably very good.

  3. Pages 1190 & 1191 both clearly display Arrogond’s headband as having a thin horizontal line of metal that touches the bottom-corner of the central red gem.
    That part of the band is missing in most of the images that follow, including today’s page.

  4. Well, well, well! The plot thickens! 😀 And I’m guessing we won’t get to see who is speaking to his majesty any time soon. 😛 But it could be another Kivalian wanting to build on Maldik’s original (poorly done) plot. Macon would certainly benefit from making chaos in Erogenia and getting rid of Ipola, Zona, and Tula. And he’s arrogant enough to think the Kivalians can take out the urrts on their own.

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