ARROGOND: I  … I won’t even ask.    PONTAGAR: Probably best, Father.   ARROGOND: (muttering) Ungrateful little …  (expansively )  Bah! Never mind! Never mind.  Why are we even bothered about silly women’s choices? You’re home!  We’ll have a feast tonight!  All your favorites.    PONTAGAR: That will be very nice.  For the moment, I think I just need to find my bed and rest awhile.     ARRAGOND: Yes of course, of course.  But first – you and I need a quick chat.    PONTAGAR: Can’t it wait, father?   ARROGOND: No – I’m afraid not.  But it shouldn’t take long.    ARROGOND’S STUDY   ARROGOND:  (pours a drink)  I have heard some very interesting things, my son. I need to hear from you that they are true.     PONTAGAR: What, in particular?  Since I left things have never stopped being interesting. 

Interesting Times – Page 1191

7 thoughts on “Interesting Times – Page 1191

  1. The last line of the 2nd panel ends with both a period and an explanation mark.!

  2. Ooh … The King is not happy with the implications of the favorite niece running off with someone from the Snake Tribe. I’m curious which rumors he have heard and now want confirmed. The dragons?

    P.s. Jed, you have an extra e in the page title.

  3. “Probably best, father”
    I like this. I like this reply from Pontagar to Arrogand. :-3

  4. Arragond has heard some kind of rumor about the disappearances of Tula, Zona and maybe even Ipola, I bet. And with the death of some of the best and brightest of other tribes on Zona’s mission, he may be considering an ill-conceived power grab.

    1. That is my thought as well. Ponty might have to be careful how he phrase his reply, because I think he’s smart enough to know such a move could be fatal right now.
      But hey, we now know where his condescending attitude stems from.

  5. “…May you live in INTERESTING times…”
    The grey-er my hair grows, the more I’ve learned to appreciate the subtle cruelty of that Chinese curse.
    “Ponty” seems to have benefitted from the time that he’s spent WITH Zona’s squad & AWAY from his father’s influence.
    He’s showing more subtlety & less bluntness than I seen before. I wonder how much of that is from his growing maturity, & how much is because this is his father?
    Speaking of whom, I can’t help but notice that the King’s headband COMPLETELY surrounds that red gem, & yet only the gem itself is seen in Panel_#1, as though the metalwork has gone invisible on his forehead.
    Also, who’s REALLY the “ungrateful” one, here?
    Is it Genna, for ‘consorting’ with the Snake Tribe, instead of paying attention to her uncle, the King Arrogond? (as Panel_#2 suggests)
    Or is it Pontagar, for ignoring his dad’s attempt at subtly pressing for more details?

  6. On a separate note:
    I notice that even the Esteemed_Author has used multiple spellings for the King’s name:
    “Arragond”, while others have used:

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