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Mentl returns from the privy. He yawns

MENTL NARR: As much as I love this place, you’d think that the Tower Of The Moon would have its own en suite privies. No, Zona, I am not using a chamber pot - not if I have a choice.

Sees the gorgeous sunrise over the Valley Of The Moon. Smiles broadly.

MENTL NARR: Still - there’s not too much to complain about. Look at that. What the hell did I do to deserve this? I swear I still think some day I’m gonna wake up in the back seat of that Dodge off of E Street, finding I’ve just dreamed Zona … all the crazy, wonderful shit. But today … good morning, Erogenia.

He smiles. Reaches out and causes his acoustic guitar to appear.

Morning has brok-en, like the first morn-ing
Blackbird has spok-en, like the first bird
6 2236

Good Morning, Erogenia – Page 1194

6 thoughts on “Good Morning, Erogenia – Page 1194

  1. Yes, I sang it. 🙂 Love that song.
    (I hope he went before starting his little concert. I think he’s about to be surprised/interrupted).

  2. Ah, one of my favorite hymns, very apropos.

  3. @[J E Draft]:
    Just back from a small archive-dive, & Page_1183 has suddenly started displaying fully once again.
    Is this a “random occurrence”, or did you discover-&-fix the root-cause?

    1. P1183 always loaded with the right hand half of the page off screen whenever i tried loading it in chrome too (always loaded fine in firefox for some reason). I checked after reading your comment, and it now loads fine for me in chrome too so seems to have been fixed.
      I too only had this issue with that one page, all other pages loaded OK in both chrome and firefox

    2. I wish I had an answer for you, but it has always worked normally for me no matter the browser I use. Nonetheless, I did delete and re-upload the graphic. That did not need to change anything – but maybe it did.


      Warm regards,


      1. @[JEDraft]:
        It always worries me when a problem appears to “fix itself”.
        To me, that implies that the underlying problem remains, still lurking, ready to surprise me again at some future time.
        If the cause is still not understood, then I feel that I’m powerless to avoid causing it again, without warning.
        But that’s just me, & this is you, so I’m going to “step back” from this, & let it go.
        Well, at-least for now, my crossed fingers are hoping for the best.

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