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PONTAGAR: Which leaves me with the problem of what to tell my people?  


IPOLA: This is for you to decide, ultimately, your Highness.  


PONTAGAR: What … what would you advise? 




IPOLA: I can speak only for myself, but if I were in the same case, I think I would lay the entire truth before my people.  




AGLOR: There may be others – more than we think – who feel as Arrogond did, so it may mean the end of the Fire Tribe as we know it and the loss of a great portion of our strength.  


PONTAGAR: And so, Aglor, you’d advise – 




AGLOR: The truth.  The entire truth.  Everything.  Less than that might buy you some time, but truth is what we live by.  I know, the Fox Tribe has ways of misdirecting our enemies and telling only part of the truth in service of war or some good cause, but – the Fox Tribe is not the Fire Tribe.  And if your people would shun you for telling this ugly truth, then maybe neither are they, anymore.  




ONA: Wouldn’t you rather know who your enemy is sooner than later? 


UTHIC: Lie even once, Pontagar, or hide the truth one time and you lose their trust forever. 


PONTAGAR:  Yes … Thank you all.   I’ll … be in touch very soon. 




KINGS AND QUEENS: Farewell. Gen Tal. Gen Tal. GoodBye 




IPOLA: Now.   To see about getting that piece of shit here for questioning.  Hmmm … yes, that might work very well. 


10 9021

… And Nothing But The Truth … Page 1248

10 thoughts on “… And Nothing But The Truth … Page 1248

  1. I’d lead that entire truth with, “Naurik has been sent to the Valley of the Moon to undergo the Gaeth Fertuan ritual, because he has been manipulating the minds of the Fire Tribe for an untold length of time. He has attempted to manipulate my mind, the mind of Crina, and most likely my father’s mind, but we will not know for certain until the Gaeth Fertuan is complete. Before these manipulations were uncovered, however, I myself uncovered a great tragedy and a deep offense to the cha, which Naurik attempted to erase and cover over, until Crina came in, was equally attacked, and managed to break free of his spell and defeat him so that the truth could finally be told, instead of all these lies. Because of these things, I need the Fire Tribe to hear the full truth of what else happened today, so I am claiming my right as an Erogenian to BE heard by all of you, in full, before anyone presses for any actions to be taken or decisions to be made…”

    1. “And I need everyone here to understand that ANY of you could have been equally enspelled to side with my father, defend Naurik, or in other ways speak and act against the ways and the cha of our nation. Some of you may refuse to hear the truth. Consider whether or not you have been manipulated into *refusing* to hear that truth before you act or speak…and consider it when listening to the others around you, too. This is not an easy set of truths to hear. It could even be tribe-shattering. But the truth must be told, whatever the consequences, because it is the only way we wll get free of the shackles of the lies laid on all of us all these years.”

    2. Dang, could I get you to do my speeches for me?

  2. Whatever speech he makes, it better be a Damned good one.

  3. Occupational hazard. I’m a published author, and I’ve been a tournament herald in the Society for Creative Anachronism (medieval society) for far too many years. (One of my older nicknames is ‘Jeff Chaucer’ based on the character from the move A Knight’s Tale.) I could probably manage a speech or two, but I’d need to be paid first, to be honest. (Erogenianly honest, lol–I’d also need details on the topic, your general knowledge of the subject, and your usual style of speech so it doesn’t feel too unnatural.)

  4. Nice speech, Jean. 🙂 I like the preface to telling the entire story.

    And it will indeed be interesting to see how the members of the Fire Tribe reacts to Pontagar’s news. Maybe Lentik and Pontagar will not be as close anymore once Pontagar starts showing Cirina and other women more respect.

  5. I love how everyone says ‘tell the truth’. A refreshing change from that tired old saw that sovereigns have to act evil to be efficient.

    Also, I’d been wondering about the Fox tribe’s specific use of truth, particularly after one of our siblings called Cirina’s appointment to the Fire tribe “spying”. While that word struck me as too negative, I couldn’t really find a better one. Thanks for having Aglor shed some light on the matter!

    Also also, I love how humble Ipola, Aglor and Pontagar all sound.

    Last, Lady Jean, that was a beautiful speech, as I’d expect from you. Thanks and praise!

  6. You had me at SCA

    1. Nothing wrong with keeping a watchful eye on one’s neighbours.
      Especially if said neighbours are fully aware that that’s what’s being done, despite not being told explicitly.

  7. No idea how that reply ended up under the wrong comment.

    In other news, it looks like the RSS Feed’s back up!

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