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TOR: I wish that surprised me more than it does.  I’ve never completely trusted Arrogond. Not for all these years. 




UTHIC: We had our disagreements, but … he was an Erogenian. I always thought …


AGLOR: You and he apparently had different ideas of what makes an Erogenian, old friend.  




OLLSNIC: Wait.  If Pontagar could have his mind influenced, why not Arrogond?


SULIMA: We must be sure.  We need to bring this Naurik to the Valley Of The Moon and hold the Gaeth Fertuan.


UROC: Sulima, you bring up a good point, of course.  I find it … interesting that you two should speak for Arrogond.   He was never a willing friend of the Snake Tribe. 




OLLSNIC: Oh I didn’t like him.  That’s a fact. He was a bigoted ignoramus.  


SULIMA: Darling. 


OLLSNIC: Sorry … Cha na amanh.


SULIMA: Still, we don’t want to have his story told with any part of a lie in it. 


UROC: Just so. 


OLLSNIC: It’s the Erogenian thing to do. 

None …



IPOLA: This action sounds both good and wise to the Moon Tribe.  Is there objection to transporting the priest Naurik to the Tower Of The Moon and subjecting him to the Gaeth Fertuan?


THE KINGS AND QUEENS: Nay. None … No.  No objection. Nay … Let us do it. 




IPOLA: So ordered.  Pontagar, with your consent I will use … means of my own to bring Naurik to us securely.  It will happen very soon.  Again, with your consent. 


PONTAGAR:  Given that, an hour from now, I don’t know if I’ll be a king or even still a member of my own tribe, I give the consent that I can give to getting this … person … out of my sight as soon as may be.

14 8508

True Story – Page 1247

14 thoughts on “True Story – Page 1247

  1. Ooh, I LIKE this page. I REALLY LIKE IT. Real life is NOT easily cleaned up, so why should a realm of magic be? Pontagar DID do the right thing…in a very Erogenian way. He did so without witnesses (I’m not counting whatever Queen Ipola saw within his mind, since that may not be legally admissible evidence), and he did so in a tribe where this Naurik jerk has had a LOT of trust from the Fire Tribe…and may have planted “ideas” into the people’s heads to help ensure they reject any ideas that he’s a foul abomination of a Shuach-worshipping traitor. So I LOVE the fact that Pontagar’s mind may have been restored, and I LOVE that he acted as a Champion of the Fire Tribe…but ALSO that his tribal status is still very much in doubt.

    For the record, I think that THIS Pontagar would make a fantastic king. Before his time with the 100…I don’t think he would’ve been a good king. I think he may have challenged his father’s treason, but I don’t think he’d have fought as hard as he did…and there was still room for doubt for him allowing himself to be swayed, or for Naurik to get ahold of him and change his mind. But THIS Ponty has grown and changed, and whatever happens, he’s a much better man for it. (Also, I think the twins will still stick up for him, so if he’s exiled, he probably won’t go into exile alone, unless he requests they stay in the Fire Tribe to help take care of their people.)

  2. …I also like how the Queen of the Snake Tribe is having to lean back. From personal experience (thank god I had 5 pounds removed), I know that you HAVE to do that when you have truly HUGE…tracts of land to manage.

  3. Wait… is it a valley or a tower?
    And do these people know that their rings explode? 😉

  4. Early on, we see the valley, with the tower, on the edge of a cliff, overlooking it.
    2009 PDF archive, page 80.
    It’s too bad the PDF archive is the best that we have right now. The resolution isn’t remotely the same. But, time is limited, and beggars can’t be choosy. If I were to be choosy, I’d prefer another update over getting the archive fixed, anyway.

    1. Although, that said…
      It looks like if you could set a script to erase the following out of every broken image tag on every page,
      it’d work.

  5. 4th Panel:
    Seriously? If calling someone a bigoted ignoramus is an insult, then upon hearing Samuel Lee Jackson and his trade-mark “motherfucker”, they would have seizures. 😛

    1. I feel like it’s possibly merely descriptive here. Also, I think I’ve known some people for whom it would be a compliment.

      A lot of things that people take as insults can be like that.

      1. It was… less diplomatic… than how someone in Ollsnic’s position would be expected to converse.

    2. In this case I think it’s more “don’t speak ill of the dead” type of thinking.

    3. The Gorram Batguy

      I took that exchange as, “yes, we all know that but don’t speak ill of the dead”

  6. This is one of those cases about which it used to be said, “He deserves a fair trail and proper hanging.”

  7. I’m not sure.
    I think someone accused the Erogenians of torture because of some of their beliefs and attached practices. I don’t recall when, but I think the gist was that they felt that too quick a death might not balance the cha.
    A fair trail, but he may not be facing a proper, long-drop, hanging.

    1. There is long-stretch hanging…

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