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  1. “Send em over, I’ll be waiting”

    1. Or as a certain ambidextrous smuggler-turned-rebel once said: “Bring ’em on. I prefer a straight fight to sneaking around!”

      1. ” I prefer a straight fight to sneaking around!””

        Many a commanding officer knew defeat the same day he uttered this sentence.
        Does that certain fighter pilot turned smuggler turend rebel know that? 😛

    2. As a friend of mine says, “Start bleeding, I’ll be right there”.

  2. *HK-51 voice* Fine dismantling, master….

    BTW Zona is pretty clean for all that dismembering she just did.

    1. Regarding Zona’s cleanliness: it’s apparently the same for the other fighters, save possibly Pontagar. (That red on Brantik or Carshik appears to be too neatly applied to be anything else than war paint, and that could also apply to their prince.) That being said, I have to admit from panel 2 and 3 that I don’t know how they avoided so much blood. (A point could be made that seeing as how Zona can catch a frigging crossbow quarrel in midair, she must be able to dodge a blood shower, plus she’s had a lot of practice, but that doesn’t hold quite as well for her brothers in arms.)

      Then again, as a decided not-fan of violence depiction, I agree with Zona remaining clean. (Not to mention, the woman is already a overt challenge to the laws of physics and physiology as we know them in our world. Which is no criticism.)

      1. It’s okay, I’m a bit of a detail nerd sometimes. No big deal sir.. carry on.

      2. jd.
        *Ronald Lee Ermey’s voice* “This is war, son! It’s violent and dirty!”

        Our heroes are at war here. Following them in their deeds without violence depiction will be quite a bind. 😛
        Besides, this comic has plenty of scenes where violence is indeed depicted with a substantial amount of details.

        P.S.: I’d so like to have GIFs here. Ah well.

        1. You are only too right, brother. That being said, and though I love a lot of scenes in this story where violence plays a major role (say, the barroom brawl in the place where Mentl finds his dad’s guitar), they’re not what makes the story for me. That’d be scenes of beautiful, positive feelings, when Tula reflects, “My Zona… she’s the *strong* one”, when Morcai shows a possibility of morality during his journey with Darvik and Mora, when the same meets Mahd and Feeby, when Mentl and Zona propose to each other, and countless others.

          You are of course welcome to prefer other passages; we all are different and that’s the wonder of humankind. And again, I do reckon that everything you said above is right.

  3. So They all run away? What’s the problem?

  4. Give her a break, Guntig. She hasn’t had a good fight in a long time. 😛
    And I think she wouldn’t mind to fight a few more urtts to be honest.

    But yes, he does have a point and it would be best for them to leave the area quickly.

    1. The problem is there is a limit to how many Urrts they can fight at once, even for her. (See the first few pages, after Zona encounters Michael).

    2. Let’s hope they will leg it fast enough and sneakily enough to evade the Urrt reinforcements and support. :-S

  5. Well yes, the dude has a valid point & no, all of the enemy that can be seen won’t tell anybody. but Zona’s victory cry probably carried over a significantly large distance that *unseen* enemies might hear. As anyone can plainly see, Zona’s got a healthy set of lungs on her…

  6. I love Guntig. Usually. That being said, I can’t imagine how Zona and company’s victory bellow can be significantly louder than the fighting noises and screams of pain that came right before. So while he has a point, it’s pretty much a certainty that other Urtts already knew about the war party being around.

    Then again, now they know that Zona is back. That’s assuming they had managed to find out that she was nowhere to be seen in the previous months, which may have been a bit hard thanks to the war party’s “no survivors whatsoever” policy.

    1. True, true. But the longer they make noise, the more they risk being spotted.

    2. By the way, I wonder if Zona’s company had any casualty or fatality.

  7. San Bernardino in Atlanta

    She’s back, she got to introduce her man to her father, AND she got to spill BUCKETS of Urt blood. I think our girl can be forgiven for adding an Erogenian victory cry to the not inconsiderable din of the battle.

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