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Being Up Front – Page 1190

19 thoughts on “Being Up Front – Page 1190

  1. Well, king Arrogand would have learned of the matter sooner or later, anyway. :-3

  2. Is it me or are the two brothers having a low-key trollface as they say the whereabouts of Genna? :-3

    1. Somewhat, yeah.
      I had actually expected a bit more from them by the faces of theirs on the last page.

  3. Always happy to help!
    Hey, Arragond, it could’ve been worse; Ponty could’ve brought back a Moon Tribe woman he wanted to wear gold with who was able to kick all of your asses.

    1. For a split-second, I thought you had written Pony instead of Ponty.
      And I imagined The Challnges of Zona with ponified characters.

      Forgive me, father, for I have sinned.

  4. I understand that you were forced to make changes to presentation. At the same time, I notice it seems to be in a smaller format, which makes it quite difficult to read. The print is quite small. I know you put a script at the bottom, but I feel it really takes something away from it not to be able to read it as I go. Any chance that you might return to the original size?

    1. Not sure what you mean, Joe. It’s formatted at 800 pixels by 1200 pixels, same as it has been for years. Perhaps a browser issue?

      Try viewing the image in another tab, see if you have the same issue.

      Warm regards,

    2. You should be able to go to the settings of your browser to zoom in so that it will be easier to read.

  5. I understand that you had to make some changes to accomodate your new site. At the same time, the print seems to be smaller, making it very difficult to read. I know you put a script at the bottom of the pictorial, but I feel it takes something away from it, not to be able to read as I go. Any chance you will return to a larger format?

  6. His apparent reluctance to be fully forthcoming about this suggests an evolution in Pontagar’s character. He now seems to respect Genna’s choice whereas he would likely have been loudly condemning of it prior to his recent mission

  7. I was wondering if you might be returning to a somewhat larger format. On this new site, the narrative is difficult to read. I know there is a script underneath, but I feel it takes something away from the story is I can’t read while I am viewing the images. That’s just me.

  8. I’m more concerned about Pontagar’s cool reply to Cirina. There was something there before, or at least she thought so, and now there…isn’t.

  9. Wow, that’s one awkward reunion. 😀 Nice! Looks like Fire tribe prince have indeed had some personal development and I’m not sure his father is gonna like it. 😉 But that should prove to be entertaining for us, yes?

  10. @[JEDraft]:
    After all this time, Page_1183 continues to display incorrectly.
    It’s still shifted much too far to the right, so that the right-hand part of the picture has vanished off the screen.
    It’s puzzling to me, because it was fine when I first saw it.
    Is there something different there (or in the previous page), that would misalign the page?
    & why is it only **THIS** one page, & no other?

    1. It works for me on every browser. I wish I could tell you what it might be.


      1. @[JEDraft]:
        Short of “popping the hood” & going over the code line-by-line, I’m not sure what other options I have left, to solve this mystery. I was hoping that you-or-I might discover some easy-to-find typo, or maybe a simple “boundary condition” that would be quick-to-find & quicker-to-fix. I don’t want to risk breaking things further by poking-around in places where I shouldn’t, & at this point, it’s not severe-enough to be a “deal-breaker”, I just wish I understood the cause.

  11. Hmm… that Naurik fellow is the blad man in a mage-looking robe, right?

    1. Kee-rect.


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