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  1. Bad move. Living and tortured means at least a small chance of escape. Just kill him fast and go rescue the girls.

  2. “I’ve just cut off the flow of blood to your brain”
    I was expecting – “and you head will explode in 30 seconds. You are already dead”.
    Ah! He would be so lucky.

    Pro-tip for prone, paralyzed thug: if you can still breath and yell, your brain’s blood supply is doing fine. Slightly panicky and not big on human physiology, are you?

    I know Morcai is no nice guy, but heck. Right now, I wouldn’t trust him with my (non-existant) children. Not exactly because of what he may do to them, but more accurately because of what he may teach them.
    This is not a negative criticism of this webcomic itself. Morcai doesn’t have to be a nice guy.
    (well, OK, I’m a bit uncomfortable, but again, I know this: anti-heroes shouldn’t be just badly shaved heroes)

  3. SOMEbody’s been watching episodes of a certain series! ♥♥♥♥♥

  4. Morcai got training from the Master of Sinanju???

  5. Someone watched Xena…

  6. . . . If I didn’t love Morcai so much, I would be backing away slowly right now and looking for a helpful Barbarian Princess to handle him.

    But dangit, I love the wiry little bastard. This is all your fault, JED!



  7. Oh no, Morcai just ruined Erlik’s other knee. One wasn’t enough, I guess.

    Still, in a way Erlik’s lucky. Given the roll of hurting him with his own weapons that Morcai apppeared to be on, one would half expect the latter to tear off his fingers to do the nerve strike with them. (I for one am getting very close to the limit where blood and suffering start hampering my enjoyment of a story, so I’m rather grateful he did not.-

    Also, I think Morcai’s getting it wrong for thinking he should be the one to kill Erlik. All together with me now: GET THE GIRLS OUT!”

    (Ashamed? Why?)

    1. More seriously, while the girls obviously have no compunctions against killing, I think there is a good chance of them not caring for torture. If he goes through with this, the girls are likely going to do one of two things, tell Tom to go or try to reform their Tom.

      1. Actually, I think the girls might be in the mood where they go straight for the kill. And Morcai seems to have found someone else he wants to add to the “Uncle Buddy” section of his hit list.

        Besides, what’s the line from Deadpool? “This isn’t going to end well for me, is it?”

  8. Greedy, greedy, Morcai. He should share with his lady friends!

    1. We no like you no share. You no getting any!

      1. Very good, fairy sibling!

  9. I’m surprised no one has pointed this out but Morcai may just be playing with Erik’s mind – AGAIN! He has already said how much fun it to play with his fears.

    Next he will threaten to throw him down in the pit with the girls.

  10. Whelp, assuming Tom is actually going to go through with his threat (I believe him), and then assuming I were Tom, my progression would go along these lines:
    • secure the sacrifice
    • release the girls
    • girls hungry?
    -> let girls eat the dead girl
    -> slowly & messily in front of sacrifice
    • ask sacrifice meaningful questions, gather info, make many jokes
    • slowly disassemble sacrifice, while continuing to ask questions, continue to be funny
    • feed disassembled parts to girls as the day slowly progresses
    • maybe take a break and enjoy much pleasure with girls in front of sacrifice
    • get final answers, finish the job, report to Dell
    • go back and enjoy evening with the girls, Good Day’s Work done good
    • tomorrow, begin religious territory sweep for all traps & set protocols so it doesn’t happen again

    And quite frankly, anyone who hunts sentient people for fun and profit is really getting off quite easy with that treatment, in my opinion. My only regret in this case would be not being able to make video & post to the Internet as a warning to others. I protect my own.

    1. Ouch. Sibling, not to be judgmental, but that was TMI. I’ll just assume you’re writing the character. While I fully ackowledge and heartily approve of protecting one’s own, I also strongly believe that torture doesn’t work anyway if you want answers. (A Shin Bet colonel has declared as much publicly, so I guess we can take his word for it.)

      One may make a point in its favor if you want to break someone, but it still has the flaw of debasing both persons involved. And if you’re going to kill them anyway, there’s little point in breaking them.

      I’d also like to point out that neither Erlik nor Matil thought of the girls as sentient. Just vaguely humanoid beasts that mimic their victims’ words. It does take a huge measure of denial for that, granted.

      1. Well, my first sentence has important qualifiers in it. If you’re gonna do something, go All In. As per your last sentence, that amount of denial doesn’t really qualify as denial in my book, it counts as fabricating a fig leaf to justify psychopathic behavior. For the record, if it was the real me in this, I’d deliver him to Dell for proper questioning and punishment. After letting him watch the girls eat his former partner. I’m also making an assumption about the eating habits of the girls, but it’s based upon my (possibly faulty) memory of when we first met them … I believe they mentioned eating Tom if he didn’t know the proper password. Or maybe Dell mentioned it, or maybe JED’s info-blurb on forest ogres did. Just stuck in my memory that they’re known to consume human flesh.

        I guess I should also note, as a long-time follower of Zona, I had great hopes for Morcai to find redemption and become a much better man than her was when we first met him. If he backslides a bit on this incident, I’m willing to grant him a Mulligan under these circumstances.

        1. I have similar hopes for him (as I’m sure Darvik and Mora do too). Interestingly, we may now have hopes of the same kind for Thann — unless of course both happen to end up killing each other on some errand.

          As for the girls eating human flesh, I’ll believe that if only because that’s more or less part of the definition of an “ogre”. But neither lord Dell (here : https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/journeys-end-and-bonus/page-904/ ) nor the girls, a few pages later, mentioned eating. Only killing. Which is already bad enough in and of itself, of course.

          (Oh, and I’m happy to fully agree with you about delivering Erlik to count Dell.)

  11. While I understand Morcai’s position on torture, I have to wonder whether it might not be good to let this guy escape to warn others to stay away? On the other hand, he does seem the type to try a revenge instead

    1. Well, I understand from his point of view (that of a person used to do evil for a living), but I also think letting him escape to warn others would be counterproductive. Secrecy is the girls’ best protection; the less people who know about them the better. I think he’s going to get all the necessary info to go and warn the others himself.

  12. Torture in and of itself might not be very effective. However combined with other intelligence tools it might yield information.

    For instance having a prison which has a variety of listening devices, planted agents and uses a form of torture that is mostly phycological in nature might yield usefull intelligence. It is likely that shared torture would cause the prisoners to communicate and share ideas and information. At the very least you would learn how the prisoners develop codes, as a captured agent would use what they know when developing a means of communication with other prisoners. People let things slip when they feel they are around others they can trust and the torture methods would be focused on loosening inhibitions and critical thinking rather than just pain. So really the torture is just a prop for the real intelligence work to begin.

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