Arrow To The Knee – Page 1091

TRANSCRIPT: ERLIK: Okay, fuck this - SFX: TOSS! SFX: CHNK ERLIK: AAH!! MORCAI: Ohhh dear-dear! Somebody took an arrow to the knee! Time for a career change, yeh? ERLIK: BASTARD! I’ll GUT YOU - SFX: SWIPE ERLIK: Wha - ? MORCAI: Now is that nice? Looks like Teacher’s gonna have to take another one of your toys away, yeh?

25 thoughts on “Arrow To The Knee – Page 1091

    1. Hehe! Love it.

      Warm regards,


    2. So I guess Erlik’s adventuring days are over then.

      Also, dangit, you beat me to the joke.

    3. Well played, Gary; well played 🙂

      Jed, I came dangerously close to spraying my coffee when I read that; I was not expecting a Skyrim reference!

      Thank’ee, sire! 🙂

    4. They sure dance rather well to have had career-ending knee injuries

  1. Throwing the bolt arrow back at him? That’s very impressive. A bolt just doesn’t have the same balance as a throwing knife. Obviously he’s practiced that before! Or it really is magic. And then to steal the knife right out of his hand? I was already incredibly impressed with Morcai’s talents – now I’m even more so. Yes, you certainly don’t want to be on Morcai’s bad side.

    1. It’s practice.

      He is, as Count Tethik would observe, a supremely practical man to have as an employee or an ally.

      Warm regards,


  2. Morcia’s a magic man, oh, he’s got the magic hands

    1. No magick that I am conscious of. Just mad skills.

      Warm regards,


      1. Bad JED, not recognizing that Hornet is quoting Heart’s Magic Man. Bad JED!

      2. Sorry it was just what came to mind seeing how easily he returned that arrow and stole that knife.

    2. Nice Hart Reference, Liked the Band

  3. Waaaay out of your league, Erlik. And I can’t even say it was nice to meet you. Ah well, rest in peace.

    (Does anyone else feels Morcai looks downright eerie in the second panel? His stance is very curious: totally straight, his left side (the one he just threw with) behind instead of in front… That isn’t necessarily unrealistic (well, you get my meaning) since he may well have just thrown with a downwards motion of his forearm and possibly a flick of the wrist, in which case he doesn’t have to put his weight behind the throw. Still, I find him unsettling to say the least, and reckon that’s probably the point.)

    1. Morcai is an unsettling individual.

      Tom is a pussycat, of course.

      Warm regards,


  4. Pfft! Mwahahaha! Now he’s just messing with him. Don’t touch his girls. Or his girls’ girls.

  5. The Pitt! Toss him in the PITT!!

    1. An entirely appropriate death. And you know the girls would take their time as well – just to hear his screams.

    2. Agreed. The girls deserve some payback as well. 😀

  6. Toss him into the pit for the girls to paly with.

  7. I’m glad that, while definitely not the sharpest tools in the shed, these two poachers are not total imbeciles. In panel one, this guy shows exactly the correct reaction to seeing a Joker grin on the face of a guy holding several knives. Who just CAUGHT a crossbow bolt. He tries to run away.

    Admittedly if he was SMART he would never have gotten in this situation, but at least his instincts are not the worst.

  8. I have to say that I’m rather tired of that meme, mainly because the people using it don’t understand that it’s actually a euphemism. Taking an actual arrow in the actual knee doesn’t mean much in a world where healing potions, spells, and enchantments can be found around every corner (that’s not just “story and game segregation,” this stuff is canonical. The reason vampires and werewolves are generally attacked on sight is because both vampirism and lycanthrope can be cured in the early stages by simply praying at an altar, a cure disease potion, or the like – so if you’ve let it linger long enough to reach the mature stages, you CHOSE it. And there’s a book in Oblivion and Morrowind discussing the value of Mysticism spells by describing how they were used in a key battle, by causing the enemy healing spells to bounce onto the battlemages’ own comrades, while the fireballs got reflected onto the enemy troops).

    “Taking an arrow to the knee” is an archaic expression, much like… “getting hitched to the old ball and chain.” So what the guards are actually saying is, “I used to be an adventurer like you, until I got married. Then I decided to settle down and get a job working within the city where I live, so I can go home every night to my wife and kids.”

    (That being said, well done of Morcai. The girls will be very appreciative, I expect)

    1. So what is stealing a sweetroll a euphemism for?

      1. Depends. Did the guard’s wife make the stolen sweetroll? If so, the euphemism seems clear.

  9. Now that he’s given him an arrow to the knee, I wonder if Teacher will next give him a boot to the head.

  10. Being a child who loves sweets and can’t defend themselves. Sometimes the guards are just jerks. :p

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