MORCAI: You gels all right, yeh?  Not hurt, are we?

MAHD: Mahd and Feeby perfect now, Tom!

FEEBY: Tom is clever and helps us!  Mahd and Feeby love Tom!

MORCAI: Ahh, my beauties! S’what I’m here for, yeh?

LORD DELL:  Well done, indeed.

MORCAI: Fuck me! How’d you just –

DELL: Not used to having people surprise you?

MAHD: Sweet lord Dell!

FEEBY: Good lord Dell! Yay!

DELL: Hello Mahd, Feeby.  It seems that our friend here has more than earned the trust we put in him, eh?

MAHD: Tom is cute!  He fuck good!

FEEBY: And he kill good! We love Tom!

DELL: Heh. Seemingly against your own protestations, you continue to make friends.

MORCAI:  Eh – it’s my curse, yeh?

DELL: And enemies.

MORCAI: Funny thing – they don’t really look “woodsy,” yeh?  Not quite dressed for it, yeh?

DELL: I agree.

MORCAI: And that’s a dirty great hole, there. Either it was there all along, or  –

DELL: Or they had help.  And yes, they did.

ERLIK: My lord … mercy.  Please.