ZONN: Dragons …


ZONN: Not even in my day …

IPOLA: In no one’s day, Zonn. Not for three thousand years or more. But this is still our day. Our day didn’t end when we stopped being young.  Yours, mine – all of us. And it’s the reason I did one of the stupidest things I have done in a long time by leaving Erogenia and coming here.

ZONN: On the back of a giant bird.  (grins) Well … I don’t know about stupid.  It was pretty Erogenian.

IPOLA: Sometimes, my old love, it’s much the same thing.

ZONN: You looked damn good doing it.

IPOLA: Zonn … we need you.  This … more than anything is why I had to come find you.  We need your strength, which I can see you still have. We need the inspiration you provide, we need a legend on the battlefield.  

ZONN:  You have Zona …

IPOLA: And thank the Goddess for her and for her sister, but at this point we need everything we can get.  

ZONN: You also have Mentl.

IPOLA: Yes, of course, Mentl.  

ZONN: He’s a good lad.  And damn, you should have seen what he did.  A goddam thunderbolt from the sky …