ZONN: I have always loved you.  From the first time I saw you.  All my life. You are … everything I have ever loved, everything I ever wanted.

IPOLA:And everything that sticks in your throat … the “sand in your breechcloth,” I think you called me once.

ZONN: Well, yeah, that, too.  But gods, you are … the impossible standard that no one else could ever match.  Even now, after all these years … I … have never worn a chain. Because of you.

IPOLA: Oh, Zonn.  Of course I know it has nothing to do with our love.  Of course you need some time with your people to consider.  I … there I go again, acting and talking from fear.. Sorry. So sorry.  Cha na amanh.

ZONN: Cha nethron.  I do know how it is. My darling one.  For the first time I have something besides myself to lose.  And it’s the worst time in history. I’m afraid, too. I am afraid.   

IPOLA: But I did want to hear you say that you love me.

ZONN: That’s fair.

IPOLA: After twenty-five years?  Not really, no.