ZONN:  Is this real?  


IPOLA: Hello, Yanora. Yes, Zonn, it’s real. We found a cache of these in the Tower of The Moon after the war.  I give them to important people I really need to keep in touch with.

YANORA: Like me.  Hello, Zonn. For a man who’s been dead for twenty-five years, you look very good.


ZONN: Yanora.  You look … lovely, as ever.

YANORA: Flattery, from Zonn The Wanderer?  You’ve gone soft while you’ve been away.

ZONN:  I’m not one of your Kivalian dandies but  I call it as I see it.

YANORA: Part of what I always found so charming about you.

YANORA:  So – another piece on our side of the Tuntach board, Ipola?

IPOLA: Yes.  We still have to work out how to bring them to the game, but that is just a problem, and I already have ideas about solutions.

VOICE: Your Grace – someone coming.

YANORA: Must go now.  Lovely chatting. Tat-ta!

ZONN:  That’s … handy.

IPOLA: I still prefer to use the birds for most things, but this is instant.

ZONN: I can definitely see the advantages.  So I will be able to see you, then.

IPOLA: Yes, when it’s important.  

ZONN: What if I just miss you, and want to see your beautiful face?

IPOLA: Well, that almost sounded like something from a Kivalian courtier.