MALDIK: You … you just love seeing me … fail.  You’d … just … Gah! No one ever really gives shit for a shoenail about me, they never did.  They … they just push me around, they tell me what to do, how to live, how to act, what to say, who I’m gonna marry … everything.  And then … and … you just – you always have to be a bitch! Every time – every time! And when I’m dead you’ll … you’ll just say “I told you so” in some nasty way that … that … what the fuck, Mother.

YANORA: (sigh) Yes.  Yes, I can readily understand how I give that impression.  Would you … like to hear what I can say about it, or is this just you venting at me about what an awful person I am?  Because I could just sit here and take the abuse wordlessy for awhile, as a treat for you. I didn’t give you anything for your birthday this year, after all.

MALDIK: What can you say?  What can you say about yourself, what lies are you going to tell me?  That you love me? That’s a lot of balls. You’re cold as … as … as the coldest cold thing anyone ever heard of in the history of … cold things.


MALDIK: Well?!

YANORA: So you do want me to say something?

MALDIK: Yes! No – I … Fuck it, I don’t care. Let’s hear some of your horseshit, why not.