IPOLA: (Embraces Zona and Tula and Mentl)  Be well, my children. Be safe, be strong. I expect to see you again in the Valley Of The Moon.

MENTL: Hey, you too, right?  

IPOLA: Indeed, my new son.

IPOLA: I’ll send birds to you with messages. Chera should be able to speak with them, now that Tula’s taught her. .

CHERA: As long as they’re patient with me.  It’s still very new.

IPOLA: You’ve taught yourself so much over the years, I don’t doubt you’ll do as well at this.

ZONN: We’ve got the ring, anyway.

IPOLA: Please use it sparingly. Only if it’s important.

ZONN: Everything about you is important, Ipola.


ZONN: But yes, I hear you.  I’ll try to be wise – for your sake.

IPOLA: You’re already wiser than I ever thought – and probably wiser than you know. Farewell, my love.  Until we meet again.