Hello, I Must Be Going – Page 1135

TRANSCRIPT:  ZONA: Father - ZONN: Yes - daughter? ZONA: It’s time for us to be going, too.  ZONN:  I … see.  Well, you’ll probably need mounts, and supplies … ZONA: Probably not, Father.  Mentl? MENTL: Yeah, see - It shows up when It wants us to do something.  And I think we need to open It and I need to basically magick us where we’re supposed to be. And that will probably happen without us walking there. Y’know? ZONN: What, right now? MENTL: There’s an old saying in my world, Dad:  “No time like the present.”

12 thoughts on “Hello, I Must Be Going – Page 1135

  1. Oh! It’s Barack.

  2. So the book is now a Wonkavator? Or perhaps it was written by Oompa Loompas?

    If you are wise, you’ll listen to me and have Mentl sing something from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory sometime.
    Then you’ll live in happiness too, like the Oompa Loompa doopity do!

  3. I love how Zonn goes from total composure in panel two to mild confusion in panel three.

    What puzzles me more is Tula’s expression in that same panel. Her eyes opened wide seem to infer she’s surprised, but by what?

    Last, Mentl in panel four actually seems to have the high ground over Zonn. The wonders of shot/countershot. Actually, his attitude disturbs me a bit, because I read him as quite a bit cocky. Maybe it’s just asserting himself in front of the physically über-imposive Zonn. I just hope he isn’t moving towards the dark side by the prideful way…

  4. It’s as they were originally told: “You CAN’T lose The Book. ” Took awhile for that to be properly understood.
    It’s virtually its own deus ex machina.

  5. Wow. It’s great to see how much Mentl’s character has changed and grown since we first met him; he’s wiser and more self-assured now. And one hell of a magician. 8)

    Zonn was clearly not prepared for a double goodbye just now; I think he would have liked a bit more time with Zona (and Mentl and Tula), but the book says it’s time to go, so go they will. It will be interesting to see where they ends up. Back with the war party?

    1. Sis, good suggestion about the war party. Zona’s duty is with them. It’s good that she’s gone fetch a powerful ally (who also happens to be her beloved and have a huge penis), but she has to go back now that she has the ability. (And I’d expect Rannik to give something of a dressing-down to Tula since he apparently trusted her to do the right thing — https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/hollywood-ending/page-573/ — and she took away their champion.)

      1. I don’t think Rannik will give her an actual dressing down, but I do think he’d demand some answers. We don’t know how long they have been gone from their world, but certainly for a while.

        (Also, I blame you for me just rereading part of the comic; I was heading to bed, y’know). 😉

  6. By the way, interesting that you’re quoting Phil Collins. In my native France there are those rock enthusiasts who disdain him.

    (Not that *I*’m criticizing Phil Collins myself, mind.)

  7. And possibly a quite literal “deus ex biblica.”

    1. In the immortal words of The Doctor: Books! The best weapons in the world!

      Deus ex biblica, indeed. 🙂

  8. since when is the book a Michelin travel guide

    1. Are you kidding? It’s got much more than three stars.

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