KOR LACHNIS:  (in Urttish) <Ha! Let that teach thee, Gorshas–>

Panel 2:  Kor Lachnish gets BASHED through his magickal shield with a barrel

Panel 3:  Ipola, levitating herself and looking down

IPOLA: (In Erogenian) <Teach him what, O “Mighty Kor Lachnis?”  To pay attention?  Perhaps `tis thee, not Gorshash that needest schooling?>

Panel 4:

KOR LACHNIS: (In Erogenian) <For that, Moon Queen, shalt thou dearly pay …>

Panel 5:

IPOLA: (In Erogenian) <Oh, shall I really?  Well, to tell you the truth just about any price would be worth it to finally wipe that insufferable smirk off your arrogant face.>