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TRANSCRIPT:   KOR LACHNIS: <What is this?!  Thou saidst - > GORSHASH: (taking a stance)< It was, lord, by Shuach! The other one was powerless!>   IPOLA: <Yes - “The other one” - my daughter.  I am proud of Tula, more than you could know, but she is still very young, and has a lot of growing to do, yet.  Her power flows from the Goddess - she is a conduit for the Moon. Such learning has taken her very far already, but not as far as I have come.  I am Ipola Thantic-Ravonna, queen of the Moon Tribe. In every way that matters to you, I AM the Moon! >

39 thoughts on “Time to kick ass – Page 1166

  1. Our queen, showing how it’s done.

  2. Kor Lachnis sans smirk. Very satisfying.

  3. “You are so fucked, so fucking fucked…”

    1. Hmm… I believe we have a replacement for Flight of the Valkyries…

      And if Jed every breaks this one out, expect a squadron of B2s to appear. In either world.

      1. Squadron, Hell. It will be the Return of Strategic Air Command!

  4. I’m not sure if this comes under the heading of Poking the Dragon or Mama Grizzly, but either way it should be fun to watch.

  5. This is sort of like the moment when you realize the baby fence you put around the fully grown and very pissed off tiger probably isn’t going to keep you safe. 🙂

  6. JED, are you fan of Girl Genius by any chance? I’m getting serious vibes from that direction.

    “I AM PARIS.”

    1. EVERYONE is a fan of Girl Genius. That’s what the mind control machine does, remember? Or are you still under its effects?

      1. Forget the machine, what about the wasps? Wait… were YOU infected…?

      2. What mind control machine? *confused look* I only remember the brilliant Hugo Awards. 😀
        Also: Awesome queens seems to be a theme. (Can’t wait to see the next page; the sparks ran off in a hurry once they were done laughing and realized the true extend of the current situation).

  7. Errors have been made.

  8. Now THAT is badass.

    1. Sibling, I admire your restraint in managing to focus on that part of her anatomy. Luna knows that I for one can hardly turn my attention from other features of her that are more salient right now.

  9. How many aces does she have up her virtual sleeve, ennyhoo?

    1. All of them. She has all the Aces. Also, the Kings, Queens, Jacks and 10s

      1. THE Joker on the other hand, is in Zona’s hand.

        1. Well, it DID keep her away from him…

  10. Reservist thanks for the link. I just added them on our music line up for our Dnd game, it’s our new boarding music for when we are taking ships 😀
    I am enjoying seeing our Queen cut loose. I hope it’s amazingly one sided in Her Hotness Favor. 😀

    1. Part of me wants that too, but… I can’t see this entire jaunt amounting to *lowering* Kors’ threat as a villain, from a narrative perspective. It’s not impossible she gets out alive, but victorious? Against the highest tier of villain that’s been shown, barring an actual god? Probably not. Unless a higher tier of villain comes along, this guy’s marked for an epic finale.

      My money is Ipola loses the fight and remains imprisoned or dies. If she escapes, though, even if she “wins”, Kor’ll pull a Xanatos and make her regret her cards being revealed in painful fashion in the future.

    2. You are welcome. 🙂

    3. I also think that, given the effect of surprise she has on them, she might end this quite quickly.

      But then again, it is not just two second-rate magicians she is up against.
      They are powerful and they might recover from their surprise very quickly.

      1. Gorshash had his scaly head handed to him by Tula *twice*, brother, and in one of these occurrences she was naked and magicless. I think that if there’s a magical battle, the best he’ll do will be a distraction. (Which might prove fatal given the company he’s kept in.)

  11. Moon queen indeed! 😀

    Also, panel three; *swoon*

  12. Ok, I love Ipola, but now she scares ME, nevermind them! 😀 😀 😀

  13. Again, I’m disappointed nobody has said it yet.

    “In the name of the Moon, I shall punish you!”

  14. My current guess is, “KL” won’t be defeated here, but in the process of escaping, she may very-well bring this underground temple down around his ears, & reduce it to not just RUBBLE, but all the way down to GRAVEL.
    I, for one, would just-as-soon reduce it all to a smoking, lava-filled crater, just to be sure that it’s been adequately purged of all lingering traces of Shuach’s influence.
    This “Temple Of Shuach”, is an affront to Mother-Earth — much like a “pimple” on her skin, & it’s long-overdue to be “Lanced Like A Boil”…
    …& Ipola seems perfectly positioned to do it up right.

  15. But team Shuach still has the home field advantage. If it was enough to stop Tula, it is bound to at least slow Ipola down.

    1. It seems more like “give her a bit of a magical cardio workout”.

    2. Yes. I’m rather afraid Kor Lachnis is like an onion.

      I mean, besides being smelly and making people cry.

      He has layers.

  16. I haven’t commented in like weeks despite loving this story immensely (busy busy busy, sorry JED!). This time, however, I wanted to ponder how or why Ipola didn’t go nuke on the dragon, or on the mooks, instead getting caught prisoner.

    I can see three possibilities.
    First and least convincing, she might be bluffing right now to cover an escape. Let’s sweep that one away quickly. For one thing, Ipola has stated that she doesn’t lie, and quite forcefully at that: https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/the-odd-couples/page-837/ ). She did, however, deftly avoid the topic of lying to her enemies. (Though it may just having been getting to the important point.) Not to mention that tactic would require Kor Lachnis to be cowed into temporary submission, which I doubt would happen through mere bluff.

    Second, she is likely as wise as Galadriel and won’t rely on power unless needed. She didn’t need to get H-nuke on the Urtts after Hrraarch was shot down because she only needed exploding arrows. Facing the Big Bad, however, requires more — and so she taps on more. This theory convinces me completely, but frightens me too, because of the very reason why Galadriel avoids using too much power: she might well become corrupted by her own superiority. I only hope, for her sake, that JED can resist the lure of such drama.

    Third, getting captured might have been her tactic after Hrraarch went down. She was obviously in enemy territory, so getting caught actually was a good way to infiltrate an enemy command center. Of course, letting herself be captured did involve killing large numbers of enemies, but then that’s Ipola Thantic-Ravonna, favored one of Goddess Luna, unifier of all Erogenia (well, mostly now), destroyer of Urtts. It proved that it was the quickest way to meet the main antagonist. Her thoughts on waking up in her cell ( https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/chapter-91-things-fall-apart/hey-thats-great-page-1158/ ) go against that, but it might just be regret for Hrraarch’s death. A better argument against is the fact that Kor Lachnis now holds her communication ring, which I still think is a liability. She may have planned to take it back NRA-style, of course.

    Note that those last two theories aren’t mutually exclusive. Well, we’ll know more soon (though not nearly soon enough).

  17. My general impression is that she’s bluffing, and will run out of energy soon if she keeps burning it at that rate. However, I imagine Kor and Gorshash will react something like:

    Kor: I think she’s bluffing. Want to call her bluff?

    Gorshash: No. Too much like a fair fight.

    Kor: (laughs) Well, she earned herself an escape. Leave now, or try to kill us if you’re not bluffing. I’m okay either way, to be hones.

    Ipola: … (leaves)

    Kor: What a woman! Yes, Gorshash, I’m enjoying this!

    1. I’m not sure Erogenians *CAN* bluff. Very aggressively anti lying.

      1. Well, they are not above the hypocrisy of lying to their enemies. Or, at least, to anyone they deem “not Erogenian enough”.

  18. Witness the power of this fully armed and operation magical MILF!

    1. DO you mean that magical MILFs are the next generation of magical girls?

  19. If she is bluffing about her power and they call it I bet she has enough energy or a plan to end herself. I don’t think she was bluffing about dead or free she would not allow herself to be used and abused further. This could very well end in a shocker death of a major character. Her death could be the catalyst to make her friends and family even stronger going forward.

    1. Na, Ipola is not going to die now. She’s going to kick ass, bring down the house, avenge her friend, and teach our two villains a lesson. (I expect both to survive this round).

  20. I am reminded of a particular quote from the recent Wonder Woman movie:
    “I’m both frightened, and aroused…”

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