School’s In – Page 1168

TRANSCRIPT: KOR LACHNIS:  (in Urttish) <Ha! Let that teach thee, Gorshas--> Panel 2:  Kor Lachnish gets BASHED through his magickal shield with a barrel Panel 3:  Ipola, levitating herself and looking down IPOLA: (In Erogenian) <Teach him what, O "Mighty Kor Lachnis?"  To pay attention?  Perhaps `tis thee, not Gorshash that needest schooling?> Panel 4: KOR LACHNIS: (In Erogenian) <For that, Moon Queen, shalt thou dearly pay ...> Panel 5: IPOLA: (In Erogenian) <Oh, shall I really?  Well, to tell you the truth just about any price would be worth it to finally wipe that insufferable smirk off your arrogant face.>    

15 thoughts on “School’s In – Page 1168

  1. Kor Lachnis de-smirked. The sequel is better than the first.

  2. My only disappointment in this comic is that the attack read as “Bash” instead of “Bitch-Slap”

  3. and now the lesson will continue

  4. This seems actually a realistic exchange. Schuach, we may remember has conditioned his devotees to
    anger, violence, etc., and enjoyment of other’s pain, in order, apparently, to suppress fear of anything
    but Shuach, when following his will. KL may also have started as a less than exemplary specimen as well.

    This is the way KL has learned to react all his life to resistance that causes him pain. The perfect sociopath.
    Now, whatever Ipola does to harm him will only enrage him, until he realizes, “the cavalry isn’t coming”.
    That of course depends on said cavalry *not* coming. Can a dragon fit down those passages?? Just how
    close to Shuach breaking through is this situation?

  5. Shit’s about to go down. This will be interesting. 🙂

  6. She’s literally floating in the air and Lachnis is still making threats. Seems she has a good deal of power stored or not. Seems he’s not easily impressed but then again he could just be so used to being in control he can’t realize when he isn’t anymore or he’s bluffing to act in control. I hope she doesn’t hold back and if she is able she ends this quickly with an overwhelming attack and gets the heck out of there.

  7. Don’t mess with the moon Queen! 😀

  8. The transcript needs to be fixed, as it has “Gorsharsh” getting pummeled instead of Kor Lachnis.

  9. Transcript correction:

    “Panel 2: Kor Lachnis gets BASHED through his magickal shield with a barrel.”

  10. I kind of notice an increasing amount of blood on her face. This concerns me.

    1. Not to worry, squire. It is merely a trace of the brief fight she had with the Eshtakk, three pages or so earlier.

    2. Go back a couple of pages and look again. The blood is pretty much the same since she bit that guy’s tongue off.

    3. Na, just the drying blood of the eshtakk, who tried to rape her.

  11. Dude, I’m pretty sure she’s got a couple more cans of Whupass to open for you.

  12. … her name is Nemesis…

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