Poking The Bear – Page 1169

TRANSCRIPT: Kor Lachnis rises in the air to meet Ipola and the two exchange some spectacular spell and counter-spell IPOLA: (In ancient Erogenian) <”Kor Lachnis the Great! Ruler of Chachra Chan! I must say your legend has been kind to you. I expected more from such a mighty Suvrim Urnimet than a few parlor tricks and a light show. > KOR LACHNIS: DOLASH URR ESHATAKKU!

14 thoughts on “Poking The Bear – Page 1169

  1. I suspect it’s for the best we don’t have a translation on that last bit.

  2. At this rate, I can picture her goading him into unleashing progressively stronger bolts for her to block, until she finally upsets him by DODGING, & allowing his own power to bring the entire mountain, Temple-&-All, crashing down around his ears.
    The only thing louder than the roar of falling stones will be her derisive laughter in his ears.

    1. This makes a lot of sense. I thought she was unwisely goading and teasing him, and I thought she should know better. Your thoughts make a lot more sense. She would sacrifice herself to take him off the board.

  3. She seems to be purposely trying to goad him. I”m not sure for what purpose. Either she wants to make him so mad he makes a mistake or she’s trying to get him to lose control and kill her. Last panel seems to show he’s about to use an “ultimate attack”. If she manages to defend against that then I’ll start hoping she can actually win or at least escape.

  4. She’d best be careful. I know she’s trying to psyche him out, but if she lets herself believe her own words she’s going to fall into the same trap of overconfidence.

  5. Hmm… he pissed. Yeah. He be pissed, real pissed, now.

  6. I’d be worried about overconfidence, But Ipola is the woman who had to prove her wits to the Fox tribe, so she’s probably using the ‘art’ of deception and playing at your enemy’s weaknesses.

    I’m more worried that Gorshash is slithering off screen for a surprise attack. He’s had worse than a barrel to the face.

  7. WOnder if, like DMC_Run suspect, she is trying to taunt him so that his bolts just destroy everything around them, freeing her.
    Unless, as JED is a master of unspected move, there is something more, less obvious!

  8. Yeah, I’m with DMC_Run on this: I could see Ipola goading Kor into a very powerful attack only to simply dodge or redirect it and send the place crashing down on him.
    Ipola really does look impressive in this scene.

  9. Given the meaning of the term “eshtakk” I gather this is some form of the Dominate Person spell.

    1. I mean, getting all D&D, traditionally that’s a priest’s best save, so his odds are fairly slim at this working.

    2. [Squire James]:
      Either that, or perhaps he’s just hurling insults, instead of spells … ?

  10. San Bernardino in Atlanta

    If I am reading this right, she knows exactly what this is going to do and how it will end. Poking the bear indeed…. I think she has something a bit different from a redirect in mind. When you are a prisoner, you KNOW you won’t escape, and you KNOW that you know far too much, with a jailer being someone who has ways of making you talk down to an art form, what do you do? Simply make sure you WON’T talk. Ever.

  11. Late-breaking thought:
    It was suggested a few pages ago that she was bypassing the temple’s suppression of her powers by storing magical energy in her toque.
    If the toque can act as a magical “battery”, then perhaps one of her spells might allow her to absorb the energy of his attack-spells, to RECHARGE her “battery” ?

    In the comic-books, this was how Sinestro recharged his Yellow power-ring, when battling Hal Jordan.
    Yellow power-rings could be fueled by the energy from Green power-rings.
    A secret that Guy Gardner discovered after Sinestro’s death.

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