Flying To Battle – Page 1305

16 thoughts on “Flying To Battle – Page 1305

  1. Glad that both you and Tula are back in the fight!

  2. Good luck Tula, dragons aren’t a push-over.

  3. But they might be a talk-around.
    “Hey, dragon. Do you REALLY want that lump of meat sitting on your back and telling you what to do with a pain prod? Hold steady for just a bit, and I’ll happily scrape it off to fall, spat, to the ground.
    There. Isn’t that better? Mind helping me help your brethren? We can talk about neighborly things when we get these wastes of flesh dealt with. I’m looking forward to it.”

  4. Wings of light! 😀 Very nice. I hope she doesn’t have to ‘hold’ the spell so she can’t cast other magick.

  5. Is a Pegasus really a battle match for a dragon?

  6. Is my link broken or has it really been a month without an update?

    1. It’s been a month.

      Hell of a month, and I apologize. Not one, not two, but three health challenges in a row for me and my lovely life partner.
      Finally, I think I’m back in the saddle. Should have the new page up very soon.

      Warm regards,


      1. Don’t come back till you’re SURE you’re both ready! We love your comic, we think you’re worth waiting for, so we can wait!

  7. You’re fine, it’s all part of life, people can forget that sometimes. I can relate as well, in the last 4 years I had my neck fused and I have a plate now, doc found multiple blockages in my heart, and I had cancer again. My wife fell and broke her hip so bad they had to replace it. isn’t aging so much fun?

  8. Good to hear things are going better now.

  9. Second the motion!!!

  10. I don’t want you back unless you’re very certain that the effort won’t cause a relapse!!!
    Allow yourself sufficient time to heal!
    The gift which is your stories is just that — a GIFT — not an entitlement that you must provide.
    Self-care is always a higher priority!

  11. Keep Getting healthier! I hope you and yours are feeling well and doing good soon but don’t worry about the comic until you are ready. Your health is more important than any new pages!

  12. Ditto that! Hope you are healing JED.

  13. Just checking as I do every day to keep your hits up. Hope you both are feeling better and recovering well. Take as long as you need, we’ll all be waiting for your return.

  14. Wishing you a good recovery with all the health challenges and better days ahead

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