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  1. Snake tribe, I take it?

  2. The Random Spectator

    Given that it was heavily implied or outright stated that the original Sun worshipers were part of the Erogenian Empire, I’m guessing that these lizard guys might share ancestry with the Urtts, but are a distinct species with substantially different outlook and values.

  3. Can’t really blame Zona on this because the only scaly-folk she ever saw for her whole life have always been enemies. Even though it was an *honest* mistake, Zonn is right…Zona should correct her mistake & balance the Cha. Even though we didn’t get to see the time they took to return home, Zonn *could* have explained a few things along the way, though it seems that this particular subject didn’t pop up in conversation. Perhaps it *should* have come up, because Zonn *knew* ahead of time that Zona & Tula would see his guest sooner or later & this could have been avoided.

  4. Well, well, well. We know the old Erogenians used their magick to make the Urtts, but it is possible they used another race as their starting point and this might be it.
    I wonder whether Uissan or Zonn will explain who they are to Zona, Tula and Mentl.

  5. I do not understand Zona’s reaction here. She is in her Father’s house with no reason to suspect an attack.
    Plus she is well aware of the snake tribe as well as other non human races that are friends NOT TO MENTION
    Yet she flies off the handle at the first glance of a non human?
    This is more justification (if any was needed) that Ipola made the right choice when choosing Tula to follow her.
    I am disappointed. I thought Zona was beyond this type of unthinking behavior.

    1. Zona has improved a great deal, but I doubt she’s completely beyond unthinking behavior. A chip off the old blockhead, as it were, since as I understand it, Zonn was a fair many years older than Zona currently is when he had to take up leadership of the Sun Tribe, which, so far as I can tell, is when *he* finally got beyond it.

      Plus she’s had a long day, a recent traumatic experience, and a great deal to take in. Besides all that, if this guy is something besides an Urtt, Zonn or Chera may’ve mentioned his race and Zona still not have understood that they look like Urtts because to Zonn and co., they don’t.

      1. I think he was JUST coming around to introducing his guest, when she reacted. That line “Besides, we didn’t do it all on our own” certainly looks like a lead-in to introducing the new character.

    2. Oh. Maybe the fact that every last single urt EVER encountered has seen EVERY human as nothing but food? That maybe got used as a slave for a while first, and occasionally raped for smiles and chuckles if you were an especial perverted (from their pov) urt? Maybe that.

      1. Zona once befriended a giant… after almost killing the poor guy because he was “aggressive” when she trespassed in his garden. Besides, the reason why the Urtts are as bad as they are is because they learned how to behave from the old Eregonians… meaning Zona is perpetuating a policy of “never ever EVER treat them decently so they’ll never learn a better way of doing things.”

        1. Apart from a very tightly watched experiment with two Urrts llike the ones nicknamed Larry and Moe in previous pages,
          who had shown a somewhat different behaviour from other Urrts, well, I wouldn’t take any chance in “giving an Urrt a chance”.
          Wherever their current mindset comes from, they’re a lethal threat to anything non-Urrt.

  6. yes, I’m surprised as well. I mean, they work with others that are half Urtt and she should have known better than to judge someone by her or his skin. On the other hand, it has been a long ‘day’ where everything and other fly in their face. Perhaps she is under stress.
    Anyway, hope she’ll be the gracious Zona she can be when she knows she is wrong.

    1. Zona should gracefully apologize, and maybe she will. However, it’s her father, who she doesn’t like and barely respects, who is getting in her face and telling her she’s wrong. This could “get her back up”, so to speak, and cause her to act even more the fool.

      1. If her face in the last panel is to be trusted, I think she is surprised and schocked. So maybe she won’t jump on Zonn for slamming her.
        I hope.
        I understand she may not be in the best disposition against him but I hope she’ll remember he was out hunting Urtt when all this happened. And that he hate the Urtt as much as she hates them.

        1. Agreed. Not to mention that Zona is ALSO a guest in his house. Meaning that even if she’s still working through her Daddy issues, he’s still the guy who offered her sustenance and shelter… and she accepted. Or to quote Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series (specifically the book “Turn Coat”):

          “There are actual monsters who I would expect better behavior from, once they had given me their word as a guest. What’s more, they’d give it.”

        2. ” So maybe she won’t jump on Zonn for slamming her. I hope.”

          Given the situation, she’d be wrong to jump on him afterwards.

      2. Maybe? She’s at a fault here, and Zonn isn’t.

    2. Half urt. We’ve seen exactly ZERO examples of a full urt looking at a human as more then cattle to be worked, raped, eaten, and eventually shat out until now. So tell me what exact previous experience are you and everyone else poo pooing on about her over would have led her to assume a full urt wasn’t anything other then one who had successfully infiltrated the settlement?

      1. If Uissan had been a full-blooded Urtt sent in for an assassination mission, he wouldn’t have just casually walked in this room, with so many High-Value Targets. He would have used the element of surprise to try and take down at least one of them.

        1. … with no weapon in hand. You missed that bit.

          Sure, there’s magic – but an Urrt assassin intending to use magic to do his work would’ve had that to an evident point by the time he allowed himself to be casually seen also.

          Spotting when someone is a guest is an important skill.

          That said, I agree with those who have suggested Zonn should have pointed out he had a guest who looked like one of the people Zona’s been at war with. Or maybe even made a more general statement. “We don’t have Urrts out here. But we *do* have a mostly friendly group that look like them.” Or something similar.

        2. He was just getting to that part. If you’ll notice his two sentences in panel two.

  7. I spy a new tag. Guess their name is Uissan?

  8. Are we so sure she could beat Zonn?

    I mean she is a chip of his block …….. he is the original and his legendary deeds are as great as Zonna’s

    1. Of course, she could. I mean, she’s hefty and young.

      But Zonn still packs a heavy punch, despite his age.
      And since he’s a male, he is of a taller and stronger built than the vast majority of women, even amongst Erogenians peoples.

      So, provided that both are equally well-prepared and aware,
      I’d say he’d have a better chance of beating her than she’d have of beating him.

  9. You would think by now everything she’s seen, she would realize everything isn’t what she thought it would be. Well, she has been until recently in a constant state of war with urrts and lost good people in it….

  10. Uissan, meet Zona.
    She is, well, king Zonn’s daughter.

  11. Zona has been without out equal in physical might her entire life, She stands before the one she inherited that power from. She may have to make a few mental adjustments.

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