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  1. I’ve never heard the subtitle quote before.
    It’s a good one. 🙂

    1. Yeah, we should send that one to Scott Adams (the guy who does Dilbert) so we can see the Pointy-Haired Boss’s reaction to it. 😎

      1. Naturally, the PHB is never the cause of the disaster, and just being in its proximity is taking more than his fair share of the blame. Also, naturally, the PHB is an excellent leader, and if the peons get any recognition at all for their toil, he’s taking less than his fair share of the credit.

        You have to think like a PHB on this one.

  2. I get the feeling it’s a conversation they have often. 😛 Probably others, too.

    Btw. is there a reason for the fuzziness of the middle panel? Some special effect?

  3. “The wisest of rulers are those who serve more than they are served.”
    ~I have no frickin’ idea who first said this

    I think there are far, far worse choices than Zonn for the position. If the Sun Tribe falls for some reason, it won’t be due to him & hubris.

  4. Ipola is Zona’s mother no problem, but the way Zonn speaks sounds a lot like Zona. They’re both headstrong, strong and have at hearts to serve their people.

  5. Looks like Zonn has done a lot of growing up since his younger, wilder days.

  6. His people have chosen wisely. I once read that “the best king is one who doesn’t want the job.”

    This page is a fine example of that.

    1. This assumes that only one doesn’t want the job.

      Trust me, there’s more than one who doesn’t want the job. Not all of them would be this amazing. Most would not.

      1. Indeed, that cannot be the only criterium for selecting a ruler. But it’s a good start.

    2. A good king would be one who doesn’t want the job?
      But how can a man be good at being a king if he doesn’t want to be a king?
      If one man has the best charateristics possible to be a king, but doesn’t want to be king, then it’s as if there was a bad king.

      1. Real life example is George VI, who became King after the abdication of Edward VIII. He never wanted the throne, but when it was thrust apon him he took it and ruled to the best of his ability, seeing his nation (and the empire) through the second world war, and the post war transition that finalised the change from the British Empire to the (still existing) Commonwealth of nations. He was also the father of the current Monarch Elizabeth II.
        During WW2 he (and his wife) stayed in London at the palace despite the bombings, and remained there even after Buckingham palace was bombed. They also were subject to the same rationing as the rest of the country as they felt it would be unfair that they could eat well when the rest of the country could not.

        I’m not a fan of constitutional monarchies (or any form of monarchy really), but if you’ve got to have a ruler then you could do well worse than the very reluctant George VI.

        1. True, true. But even though he never wanted the throne, he knew that he would have to, one day or another.

          Unless he wasn’t the first in line in the succession.

  7. Zonn has a very refreshing attitude for a King.

  8. Second panel, on her left arm/shoulder, is that… a nipple? growth/bite? It’s really, really similar to the nipple on her actual boob, but its on her, well… arm.

    1. I think that’s her armpit. Yeah, the model doesn’t look quite right. It may be fine, and just a function of the light, or the Daz model may need a bit of refining for that joint.

  9. Not wanting the throne seems to be a recurrent motif in our good guys. Tethik doesn’t want it, Yanora gleefully rules from behind it, Ipola has seized it because she perceived there was a need, but harshly feels the sacrifices she has made for it, Tula is in no hurry to inherit it…

    Interestingly enough, the only one who made a claim to a throne was Zona, though I can very well argue that she just thought she would inherit it at some preferably very remote point and does not particularly desire it. Also, she was comparing dick size (figuratively, of course) with Ipola at that time, and she was more than a little angry.

    But yeah, I like Zonn more and more. Somehow he strikes me as not making it to the end and it saddens me.

    1. I don’t think that not wanting the throne makes one a good person.
      It’s what one is willing to do and how one is willing to do when in power that makes one a good or a bad ruler.

      1. It’s desire for the power, for its own sake, versus the desire to serve.
        Few people truly desire to serve, but a good leader is, in essence, a servant; doing what is necessary for as long as its necessary. Cleaning up messes. Selfless. Stepping in because the job needs doing and not because they particularly like the job.

        A “good king” as the one who doesn’t want the job, means someone who takes the job out of a sense of obligation, but who would prefer to leave people alone. The upshot is, he’ll leave people alone whenever it is not harmful, and only step in when he must.

        Think in terms of a good cop versus a bad cop. The good cop is “giving back to his community”, while the bad cop is demanding “respect for his authority”.

        Plenty of people go into community service because they feel the need to give back. Some keep their ideals. Others go into community service for more self-serving reasons. The money. The power. The prestige.

        On the flipside, I’ve maintained that the worst leader you can have isn’t necessarily the greedy; Him, you can predict and placate: But the devout; he will tell you what to do for your own good, as he sees it.
        Who would you rather rule your fiefdom? Microsoft, (or Wal-Mart, Citigroup, etc)? Or the church, whichever denomination you subscribe to?

        1. None of them. The corps will murder me to make an extra penny in profits, and the churches will murder me to get an extra penny in donations.

        2. “Stepping in because the job needs doing and not because they particularly like the job.”

          Well, I think that if they intend to do the job well, it would be best they like at least a part of the job.

          “The good cop is “giving back to his community”, while the bad cop is demanding “respect for his authority”. ”

          I see. In other words, the “good cop” earns his/her authority and uses it when needed and necessary.

  10. No special virtue of yours?

    Your Majesty, stop putting yourself down, why don’t you?

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