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TRANSCRIPT: MENTL: (to the Book)  Okay - you’re going to take us where we belong, right? Where we’re supposed to be - right?   So please … please …   Been beat up and battered around Been sent up, and I've been shot down You're the best thing that I've ever found Handle me with care   Been stuck in dungeons, terrorized Sent to hell and hypnotized Been chained up and victimized Handle me with care

16 thoughts on “Handle Me With Care – Page 1137

  1. Oh, and for those who are Travelling Wilburys impaired:


    Warm regards,


    1. I prefer the version Jeff Lynne & ELO did during the Across the Universe tour a couple years ago. That was a fun show.

      1. Well, Jeff Lynne was one of the Travelling Wilburys, and there aren’t many members left (only Bob Dylan, since Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, and George Harrison have all died). So he’s certainly a legitimate carrier of that torch.

        1. Bill Withers/Otis Wilbury is still about, as is George’s son. And most of the Sidebury clan.

    2. I cannot lie, Mentl’s first line immediately brought up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdlYW5GDXsg , which does fit the situation in a sense. (All right, so maybe it fits Ipola and Zonn better.)

      This notion of belonging is beautifully brought up and superbly relevant. I’d add congratulations, only I always do. Then again, there’s a reason why. Congratulations on this beautiful page!

    3. So close with my suggestion of “End of the Line”, yet so far.

    4. Thanks for the link. I’ve *heard* this on the radio, along with other great songs by the same group, but the name “Travelling Wilburys” had eluded me. So this has been very helpful for me. 😀

      1. I read “The Wandering Dingleberries” in a parody once, and it always comes to mind first. I can’t unsee it.

  2. I really hope they land in the right place this time. 😉 Nice song choice.

    1. The Book seems to operate a lot like the TARDIS, who frequently takes the Doctor not where he WANTS to go, but where he NEEDS to go.

      And since that explanation comes via Neil Gaiman, I see no reason to argue with it.

      1. Great. Now I’m seeing the book as a TARDIS. That image will stick. 😛

        1. Well, it is dimensionally transcendental.

          And who’s to say it’s not of Gallifreyan origin? JEDraft said there were Celtic themes abound, and “Gallifrey is in Ireland, isn’t it?”

  3. Took me a moment to realize Zona was holding the hilt of her sword and not a microphone conjured up for the song.

  4. I would hope that Zonn and his people got a full earful of most of the lyrics and music before Mentl & Co. totally faded from hearing and sight.

  5. Your knowledge of classic song lyrics never ceases to impress me. I’ve accepted that any song lyric I find here, has at least a basis in fact, so when curious, I google up the song. Nice adaptation on the second verse.

    Little touches like this really help to bring the comic to life for me. A scene like this always hits me right in the feels.

  6. One of my favorite songs and very apt for the situation. The lyrics tie everyone together and the last lone is a direct plea to the book. Beautiful song choice.

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