Look Who’s Talking – Page 1136

TRANSCRIPT:  TULA:  Farewell, until we meet again.  CHERA: Here.  (gives her a bracelet) To remember me by.  TULA: As if I could forget - I owe you so much.  CHERA: You know better than that.  TULA: So do you.  ZONA: Goodbye, Father.  It’s been good to finally know you a little, and to like what I know.  ZONN: Let’s hope we can know each other better.  Someday.  ZONA: Someday.   ZONN: Just … be careful.  ZONA: Ha! I never get anywhere being careful, Father.  “Be bold and trust to luck,” that’s what I say.

14 thoughts on “Look Who’s Talking – Page 1136

  1. Like father, like daughter. “That’s my baby girl!”

  2. Ok, song guesses?

    Not “Homewould bound”…
    “Ticket to ride”? To magic a giant train to take everyone with them?

    1. I’m thinking Steppenwolf’s “Magic Carpet Ride” myself.

      1. Yeah, I just had a DC movie marathon with a friend, so Steppenwolf brings up the wrong images in my head. 😉

        And the other gals in my reading club were envious and wanted to join the next marathon. 😛

        1. JED, this post is to advertise another webcomic. Feel free to delete it if this is stepping out of line. I wouldn’t do it if 1) Lora hadn’t mentioned DC and 2) it wasn’t one of the best webcomics out there that isn’t CoZ.

          That being said, Lora, if you at least enjoy DC heroes, without necessarily being a fan (I know I’m not), have a good night’s sleep and then take a look at this: https://jl8comic.tumblr.com/post/13372482444/jl8-1-by-yale-stewart-based-on-characters-in-dc . It’s superb.

        2. Are you kidding?!

          “JL8” is BRILLIANT! I never miss an update. Feel free to share links like this any time. 🙂

          Warm regards,

  3. And the man is ever capable of surprises, tossing up a 1928 gem sung all through 1929 on Broadway by future “Tin Man” Jack Haley & Ruth Etting. My paternal grandparents were 30 and I won’t say how old I am now.

  4. “On the road again”?

  5. Trust your luck? Well… still, be prepared against bad stuff.

  6. Thought you were trying to guess “Button Up Your Overcoat” for a moment.

    A giant train might be a bit OTT. It’s only the 3 amigos going atm, isn’t it?

    How about “End of the Line”?

  7. Wow, I’ve never seen Tula this ecstatic (q.v. last page too). Ladies, have a great life together once peace settles, blessed by the Moon and the Sun!

    Also, regarding songs, I’d say Mentl has tried most of them already when in San Bernardino. I’d be partial to “Teria roads, take me home/To the place I belong/Erogenia, moonlit mamma/Take me home, magic roads”, only they are most likely to go back to the warband as Lora wisely suggested on the last page (by the way, Lora, here’s the first chapter of the warband sans Zona, by my reckoning: https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/in-a-cold-place/page-910/ . No need to thank me).

    So maybe:
    Give my regards to Moonhenge, remember me to Herald Square,
    Tell all the gang on the war party beat, that I will soon be there;
    Whisper of how I long to fight alongside the warriors strong;
    Give my regards to old Moonhenge and say that I’ll be there ere long.

    1. So we know it’s been at least six weeks, quite possibly more. Maybe we are nearing spring?

      And yes, Tula does look very happy. But Chera is cute and while they cannot wear a chain for anyone that doesn’t mean they can’t be together as much as they like outside of performing their duties. 😀

  8. Well, that bracelet from frame #1 is hard to see…

    1. I thought Chera was giving her a ring. To be honest I’m still not sure it ain’t so.

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