7 4852


NAURIK:  Sit here, your Highness. Perhaps I should say your Majesty?    


Pontagar sits

PONTAGAR:  Yes … yes, shocking.  Father revealed himself as …




NAURIK: Arrogond was headstrong and stubborn.  You two certainly had your disagreements, but you were ever loving  to him.  He was devoted to you, I know. Think about that. 




PONTAGAR: (eyes welling with tears)  Yes … yes, I did love my father …




NAURIK: And when you take the potion and undergo the ritual, you will remember that.  And also, you will remember how glad you were to be returned alive and well from the war. 


PONTAGAR: Y … yes, of course.  


NAURIK: And, proud warrior that he was, Arrogond wanted to spar with you to prove he still had some of his old mettle.  That was just like him, wasn’t it?


PONTAGAR: Yes … that would be just like … like him.  




NAURIK: To the point of disdaining safer weapons and picking up live steel.  He was sure of his own prowess, and trusted you and yours.  But – there was a slip, wasn’t there, and the king fell on your blade by mischance.  


PONTAGAR: He … did?


NAURIK: Yes, terrible misfortune, of course.  You never intended to kill him.  It was an accident.  Yes, an awful accident.  And that is what you know happened.


PONTAGAR: Yes … accident. 




NAURIK: Don’t worry, my prince.  I will help you just as I helped your father.  Listen and follow my advice.  All will be well. 


7 4852

Hear And Obey – Page 1231

7 thoughts on “Hear And Obey – Page 1231

  1. Looks like Pontagar is essentially SCREWED! Now we know why his father was nuts.

  2. oh i hate this so much… His head may have been up his ass but his heart was in the right place….

  3. I note an extra sentence on the transcript that isn’t in the word bubbles (Panel 6: “All will be well.”)

    1. Also, Panel 5, Pontagar’s line “Yes … accident” is missing. Has the bottom been trimmed off the last two panels?

  4. Well, losing Pontagar’s line was an editorial choice.

    Losing Naurik’s last line was a goof, which have been fix.

    Many thanks and a No-Prize to you all!

    Warm regards,


  5. Well, let’s hope that potion can break out the truth and/or the priest slips inhis words. Something on the lines of “Tell us what happend” rather than “Tell us what you remember”.
    On the other hand waiting some for Mentil to investigate it would be interesting as well.

  6. Well, shit. This is bad, but it explains so much. I hope someone like Ipola, Tula, or Mentl can break through the spell and free Pontigar’s mind and memories again. And hopefully soon before our priest here do too much damage.

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