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The valley floor, a mother hunting cat (Emerald) and two kittens, Tuft and Flurry.

LENDYA: Now don’t be too disappointed if my kids don’t like you. It’s not something we control, after all, they are the ones who do the choosing.

TULA: That’s right - and they’re still pretty young, and they can be skittish enough within the tribe itself.

LENDYA: Best to just be as still as you can.

LIRI: Do you hear, Emmon? Be still and wait.

EMMON: Okay …

TULA: It can take some time for them to get used to you, and even if they –

The kittens immediately begin walking toward Emmon.

Tuft reaches out and touches Emmon’s face gently

TULA: On the other hand, some people just hit it off right away.

12 18552

Warm and fuzzy but with great big fangs. -Page 1232

12 thoughts on “Warm and fuzzy but with great big fangs. -Page 1232

  1. Awww, the kittens are soooo cute, even with their fangs…
    Also, there’s something awfully heartwarming about Liri kneeling besides Lendya (hi Lendya! Great getting to know you!) and the kittens tentatively moving towards the strange new creatures.
    Oh, and since this is my first comment here in 2022, have a stupendous new year, JED! And you too, dear siblings! I don’t comment here half as much as the story would warrant, but rest assured I love to read from all of you!

  2. There must be a better way to commemorate the Bogdanoff twins than to incorporate their likenesses in your art.
    It just seems cliche’.

  3. I have no idea who you’re talking about.

    And no need to enlighten me.

  4. Boop.

    1. @alurker

      Uh… *boops you back*… I guess?

  5. Man, these freckles on Lendya’s face remind me of human Applejack.
    Yeah, I’m a bit of a sucker for freckled athletic beauties.

  6. Now Flurry just needs to try and climb up Liri, to stay together with Tuft.
    @Reservist: I’m with you on the freckles, though I’m more inclined to the redish-brown hair 😉

  7. After all these years the giants finally get their Kitties!
    And I want one too… stupid history. Never domesticating them and letting them go extinct! *grumble*

  8. Heh! also just noticed that Emon’s pants have drawstrings on the sides so they fit as he grows into them (which is probably daily). Very nice touch JeD!

  9. Aw, this is cute.
    And wow; Liri’s and Emmon’s looks have changed quite a bit! I’m guessing new models?

  10. Glad I can finally see this page again. For months I would get an error about security and not see anything. I came back on a whim having almost given up.

    1. Yeah, you have to remove the ‘s’ from the ‘https://’. Jed haven’t been able to find a workaround to that.

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