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13 thoughts on “In Your Eyes – Page 1284

  1. I wonder how fast Mentl can heal himself? Tula already started the process, so how much can he speed it up from the Otherwhen?

    1. One thing is certain, sis, summoning even just the image of Zona can only speed it up some more!

      My, but Mentl is going all prog-rock now. I wonder if music styles give his magic some kind of resonance? Like, heavy metal would work better for showy effects, reggae for warfare, or progressive rock for awesome illusions and fireworks?

      1. Classical for emotions. I just wonder what Rap would do.

        1. I’d guess it improves morale for allies and makes it worse for enemies. Then again, that’s just my fifty cents.

      2. An interesting idea, especially it it goes as far as favourite Bands of Mentl.
        Also what would a song by any band such as Sabaton do in the middle of a fight?

  2. Beautiful song. One of my favorite.

  3. The artwork on this one – is outstanding – Zona’s eyes at the end – wonderful!

    1. Yeah, those eyes are to die for, or to fight for!

  4. Gawdayamn, I just got goosebumps, just from reading that!

  5. I wonder if he is trying to use Zona as a conduit? Somehow see through her and make magic from the otherwhen into Zona’s vicinity to protect her. I mean the otherwhen is essentially a magic estate where will becomes reality.

    In your eyes I reach out from the inside to burn the grand facade of Shanuch ensuring your survival.

  6. Yay winged kitty. :-3

  7. At the speed of the plot, methinks…

  8. Mentl has way more power than he knows, he did after all melt a cave shut! Healing is tricky, you have to know how things were before the injury. It’s like getting a motorcycle engine parts in a box, with no manual to help you. The time it takes on how fast either mage can repair the damage with out changing him too much physically. Or causing more damage rather than healing him. A reset spell would work, if there is even one like that! A “save point” so to speak…

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