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  1. The thing about musicians is…you gotta practice. You GOTTA practice your songs, your music, your performances, your pieces. Over and over and over and over. Not just until you get them right, but until you get them carved so deep into your bones that it reshapes your very blood.

    …Same thing for wizards and sorcerors, too, as it turns out.

    1. Lady sister (if that is you), I fully agree. I’d submit that so it goes for pretty much any craft, as well.

      But yeah, sibling musicians (and dancers, and painters, and sculptors…), let’s practice. Let’s work and play, both at the same time.

  2. High praise coming from magician leisure shirt, here.

  3. I agree with Jean. He’s practicing his craft and honing his skills. Very good, indeed. 🙂

  4. Johnny from the block

    First, one of the best love songs in all the universes!!! Second, I sincerely appreciate you getting updates at a faster clip. So glad you are able to devote more time to this and I have noticed that the quality of the art and story writing has only improved over the years. My anticipation is at a 10 for this guy to wakeup and kick ass.

  5. Beauuuuuuuutiful. And with Vito at the end playfully downplaying it. JED, if you ever need a lot of hugs and can travel close enough to the French side of Geneva, consider this a voucher to be exchanged to as many free hugs as needed! (And if you can’t travel that far, have all the Jedi hugs you want or need, on me!)

    Silly question: are these chakras? The descriptions I’ve heard about, read upon or noted down usually have seven, more or less like base of the spine-sacred plexus-navel-heart-throat-forehead-top of the skull (with, at least once, secondary chakras in the shoulders, sides of the abdomen, hips, knees and feet). Even Wikipedia knows that the numbers and places vary according to traditions, and I seem to remember that you’ve mentioned having at least done your homework on Mentl’s practice, so I’m wondering.

  6. I have been a reader since almost the beginning but I lost you about a year ago. I finally have you back. Sort of. I use RSS to keep track of when you post but the closest to that seems to be through the Comments Feed. The Feed feed gave me the links to updates while you were not available but not to the story. Thanks for the story so far. I have enjoyed it.

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