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  1. “Real men don’t bond over a diet anything.”

    1. But this isn’t real. It’s an Un-Reality.
      (Maybe they should drink an Un-Cola, if you’re old enough to get that joke.)

      Warm regards,

      1. Hi, Jed.
        Off topic but (and I’m sorry how late this is) but this Valentine’s Day, are you in for the thing? Have been emailing but I don’t think I’ve directly heard back from you this year. They’re not going to junk mail are they? Putting the links together, still have yours in from last year. Hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Sorry, Coke Zero for me these days, though I’ll take Diet Coke if I have to.

  3. When talking over plans on how to kill a god, and you are in the otherwhen. That is not the time for diet soda, break out the Guinness.

  4. Taste?! Wearing THAT shirt??? Ha!

    1. “Taste?! Wearing THAT shirt??? Ha!”

      “At least, my taste isn’t as bland and drab as your T-shirt.” 😛 ^^

  5. LOL For Shauch…and Kor Laknis possession is 9/10th of the law… 😀

  6. That’s a real valid reason to stop talking about your deicide plans.

  7. Sorry, no chemicals for this olde fart. I switched over to cane sugar sodas from Hank’s or Boylan Soda.

  8. I figured Mentl would still be wearing the chitin torc, since that’s the one he was given when he was adopted. Do Erogenians generally have two or more torcs, and wear the one they want on any given day?

    1. Mentl’s torc is not one of the bug-armor ones from the Sun Tribe. As the son of a king and queen and the silver-bonded of the Champion and princess, he’s pretty high status. What he is wearing is a relic from one of Zonn’s Erogenians who died of disease on the journey that ultimately led them to where they founded the Sun Tribe. It is gold and bronze and white gold. Appropriately, it was one of the Lion Tribe priests. Mentl only has one torc. Erogenians usually only have one for all occasions. Zona has had two, one of which she gifted to Yrina, years ago, and it was replaced.

      If they lose the one that they have, like Zona, they will get it replaced.

      Warm regards,

      Warm regards,

  9. It’s the Never, man. Why “diet” anything? Head in the game, man!

    1. It’s probably been so long that he’s forgotten what the real stuff tastes like and can’t reproduce/conjure it. Besides, real coke is pre-New Coke and uses refined sugar, not corn syrup – he wouldn’t have had access to that in the states for decades.

      1. Inquisitive Raven

        Sure he would. In SoCal, I would expect it to be pretty easy to get Coke with real sugar from Mexico and if that isn’t an option there’s always the springtime release of kosher for Passover Coke. I know people who hoard the stuff.

  10. Especially since it’s the Otherwhen. The sugar isn’t going to go to either your waist or your arteries. But maybe he’s forgotten what the good stuff tastes like after years of drinking Aspartame and so can’t reproduce it in the Otherwhen.

  11. “Commere!”

  12. “Mere words cannot express my disappointment at your regression into a sub-human that consumes … Pepsi products.”

  13. You’ve got a whole bunch of .php warning messages where some of the navigation buttons should be. I see them on both Chrome and Edge.

  14. It’s totally a matter of individual taste buds. I like Pepsi and so does one son, the other son despises Pepsi and loves Coke.

  15. “Oh, grow up, boychik.” 😛

    What’s the beef against Pepsi, anyway? I’m not American, so I am really foreign to all of this. Which might explain why I can drink both just fine.

  16. Eventually Mentl has to share notes with his MIL, & learn how Kor Laknis was revived, killed, & possessed. If Shuach’s only “loophole” was a 3,000yr-old priest’s corpse, then he’s probably prepared some safeguards against decay, physical trauma, etc., including…
    …”backup copies”.

  17. He should ask for some Rum.

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